Imperfections with final cure

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      Lillian Parker

      I have tried a bunch of things – I think it is either the canvas not being secured or the cure temps but please give me any feedback

      1. Small imperfections like tiny dimples (look like popped bubbles that left a crater but super tiny) these appear during the curing but when the resin is sticky and not yet cured – almost impossible to fix once they appear

      2. Coloring ratio? I think the acrylic I add is messing up the resin chemical. – how much to use and best type? Powder color additive or the acrylic? I use the powder by the resin gets a more transparent look and I use the acrylic for a more deep pure color

      3. Torching not getting all the bubbles out – makes me bonkers and I wind up scorching because I over torch bubble areas

      I have yet to pour a perfect glass finish on canvas – so many beautiful works that have these imlerfections that make me sad

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lillian,

      There could be a few things going on here that are keeping you from the best finish.

      1. Are you using enough resin? If you aren’t mixing enough resin to cover your canvas, it will pull away in areas and leave ‘fish eyes’. This article walks you through how to figure out how much resin you need:

      2. Acrylic paints don’t always work for coloring resin. They attract moisture, which can cause curing problems in resin. Colors designed for resin will give you the best results. We have a section of resin colors in our store here:

      This article explains more about resin coloring:

      3. Bubbles in resin are aggravating aren’t they?! This article should give you some ideas on what you can do differently:

      Good luck!

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