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      Cheri Carter

      I was adding my 2nd coat of Resin Obsession Crystal Doming Resin. Unfortunately, it had already started hardening and now the painting looks terrible. I tried taking the resin off with acetone and 91% alcohol and after those were dry a torch. Now the resin has bubbled and formed streaks on the canvas. It is a mess. How can I fix it? Should I use a Dremel? I hate to think that it is a lost cause. Please help!
      Many thanks,

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Cheri,

      I’m sorry this is happening. How frustrating!

      Since you’ve got bubbles in the cured resin, you will need to sand the resin to remove the bubbles. You can use a dremel, but it can take off resin quickly.

      These articles will help:

      How to sand resin:
      If your bubbles are big, here’s how to fix bubbles in cured resin:

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