Resin shrinkage or overheating?

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      I was hoping to get some advice on epoxy casting resin I’ve been using. I keep getting these wavy lines that are very visible forming on the top of the surface of each layer once it’s cured. (I am preserving a wedding bouquet so have to work layer by layer)

      I’ve made sure to mix the resin very well (minimum 10 minutes stirring time, it’s maximum casting thickness is 10cm and I have not gone over that, the maximum curing time is 3 days, I’ve waited 1.5 days between each layer to see if that helps which it didn’t and I’ve also waited the full curing time of 3 days to see if that helped and it didn’t), I’ve placed it in warm water to warm it up a bit beforehand so that it’s not too cold and I don’t allow it to overheat so I’m not sure what could still be creating this texture?
      I did work on the piece when the weather was colder so I’m not sure if maybe the room temperature might have been too cold causing it to crystalize while curing? But after trying again now while we have much warmer weather the resin is still creating the wavy lines once cured- I’m not sure if it could be shrinkage or not, I have no clue what else I can do to avoid this or what might be causing it. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks so much!
      – Sam

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sam,

      I’m sorry this is happening to you. Here’s an article to help:

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      Thanks so much Katherine!

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