Why is my resin wavy? Why is my resin swirly?

why is my resin wavyIf you are asking yourself why is my resin wavy, know that this can be a completely normal occurrence.

Mixing resin and hardener together

waves in epoxy resin and hardener

When epoxy resin and hardener are first mixed together, seeing waves or swirls should be expected. Sometimes they are different thicknesses or even slightly different colors. These show up as swirls when you first mix the two parts together. As you continue mixing the resin and hardener together, these swirls will disappear. As a matter of fact, this is one of the ways you will know if your resin is well-mixed.

If you are new to resin and unsure how to mix it, you might want to read this article: how to mix epoxy resin.

If you see swirls in cured resin, here’s what could have happened:

The resin wasn’t mixed together well before using. In general, you should mix resin together for about 10 percent of the resin’s pot time. So if a resin has a 30 minute pot time, plan on mixing the two parts together for about 3 minutes.

Your resin is cold. Sometimes, resin components can crystallize when the kit has gotten too cold. These crystals can show up as swirls or waves in resin. Before using the kit again, gently warm it in a warm water bath.

Moisture has contaminated the resin. This usually comes from something like glue or other adhesives contaminating the resin. This can happen if they are used to seal items like papers and other findings and are placed in the resin before fully dry.  If this has happened to you, this article will help: how to seal papers for including in resin.

Waviness can sometimes show up on the top of polyester resin castings because it got too hot. Try using less catalyst, as within the manufacturer’s directions, to make sure the resin cures without overheating.

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