10 Things To Put In Resin That Look Dazzling

10 things that look great in resinOne of the great things about resin is that it is so versatile. You can add colors, pour it into molds, or use resin to coat tabletops. Even better, you can include things in epoxy to personalize it to your style. Here are ten things to put in your next resin project.

1. Flowers

clear epoxy resin flower vase

Adding flowers is an instant way to make your project special. As long as the flowers are dried and sealed first, you can use them in your projects. Collect flowers from your garden or even use ones from a florist. Either way, you will love the colors and shapes the natural elements add. You can preserve flowers in resin in a vase so you can enjoy them for years.

2. Beads

adding glass beads to resin

Beads of all types are fun to put in resin. If you use beads of varying shapes, styles, and colors in the same project, it will look more interesting. By doing this, you can create a sense of texture and dimension, even when your resin casts with a flat surface.

3. Jewelry charms

placing a charm in a bezel with resin

When you’re setting things in epoxy, adding charms is a quick way to make it meaningful. Find a charm with personal meaning, then include it with your epoxy. If they are metal, it’s even simpler because you don’t have to worry about sealing them first. See how I used this charm in an open-backed bezel with resin.

4. Stickers

sticker in a resin pendant

Have a favorite saying or design you want to include in your resin jewelry? Stickers work great for this. You can use foil and other fancy stickers or even get a unique design cut with a Cricut machine. Resin projects with stickers are one of the easiest ways for beginners to create with epoxy.

5. Candy sprinkles

mixing sprinkle into resin

Of all the things to put in resin, one of my favorites is in my baking drawer. Candy sprinkles and other confection decorations are the fun additions you didn’t know you needed.

💡 Pro tip: If they dissolve, seal them with a clear-drying acrylic before using them.  Otherwise, they might dissolve and lose color.

Once they’re sealed, you can use them to decorate a cake stand with resin.

6. Spices

coloring resin with paprika

Your next thing to put in resin might be waiting for you in your spice cabinet. Not only can spice powders, seeds, and leaves add allure to your crafts, but they also add Earthy colors.

7. Watch parts

silicone mold and watch parts

Have a broken watch that you can’t bear to throw away? Break open the back, then remove the gears and parts. Not only will you have something fun to use, but you’re recycling too. Watch parts are essential to Steampunk style, so you might want to ask your friends for their broken watches. You might find setting these things in clear epoxy resin is ultimately your zig.  Or zag.

8. Glitter

adding glitter to transparent blue resin

Of course, glitter is a trusted epoxy friend. They go together like bed and breakfast. Glitter comes in so many colors and sizes that you can use it for days and never run out of choices. And you can use it to glam up a drink tumbler with resin.

9. Seashells


adding shells to resin

Have a collection of beach shells from your last vacation sitting in a drawer? Put them in a resin project. I like using seashells because you don’t have to prep them before adding them to your silicone mold. Combine them with a business card holder mold, and you’ve got a gift for a new grad.

10. Mementos

finished dog pendant

Have a favorite ticket stub or love note you want to preserve for eternity? Include it in your next epoxy project. These projects are a lot of fun to craft and make fantastic gifts. Use them in paperweights or pendants. In fact, turning a drawing into jewelry with resin makes the perfect mom or grandmom gift.

If you want more help with things to put in resin, I’ve got something for you.

I share more ideas in my PDF book, Resin Jewelry Making. I wrote this book for beginners to take you from confused to confident when creating with epoxy. But the ebook now, and get a download link in your inbox in minutes.

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  1. I bet old negatives would look neat in an open bezel. I do use acetate (overview sheets) to close up shakers. It works great.

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