15 Easy Crafts to Make with Resin Even if You’re a Beginner

15 cool resin casting ideasYou know that thing you keep telling yourself. Yeah. That voice that says you aren’t creative? Well, you need to tell that voice to ZIP IT. Here are 15 easy crafts you can make. At home. With resin.

Now if creating with resin is new to you, don’t worry. You can still do this. Go read how to get started with resin, then come back to this article. I’ll be waiting.

Resin paperweight

resin paperweight

Making a paperweight to decorate a desk or table is one of those projects for all resin skill levels. This is one of my fav easy crafts project. You don’t need to follow any specific rules other than making sure you measure and mix the resin correctly. (TBH, you need to do that any time you mix resin.)

You can add in all kinds of fun stuff. This is a terrific project to preserve memorabilia and trinkets.  Get good at this project and you’ll want to make make a paperweight with resin for flowers.

Wood and resin coasters

wood and resin coasters

I don’t know if these coasters are more fun to make or give as gifts. I love how they have a ‘man-cave’ vibe even though they are handmade. What guy wouldn’t like getting these for a gift? The hardest part will be choosing your resin colors.

Flower and resin coasters

flower resin coaster

Okay, so maybe you want your coasters to look a little more delicate. Like your she-shed is definitely not going for the man cave vibe. The easiest way to do that is to add flowers to the resin. First, dry flowers from a bouquet or your garden, then include them in a flower-shaped coaster. Next, add a resin for crafts and wait for your ideas to come to life. This easy crafts project will be one of your favorites.

Geode coasters

drinks on geode resin art

Have you seen the coasters that look like a slice of rock from nature? You can make those with resin. I wouldn’t kid you about something like that. All it takes is a little planning to pour your epoxy resin in a specific order and pattern to make them look like geode slices. You will love how these look on your coffee table. Plus, they make a great housewarming gift.

Koi pond

Mini koi pond inside a mint tin made from resin

Does anyone else have problems keeping fish alive? It’s why this project is one of my favorite easy crafts. Lookalike fish and a little clear epoxy resin bring this project to life. Plus, you don’t have to worry about feeding these fish. Or cleaning the tank.

Painted fish

layered abstract example

But, if you have painting skills, you can paint the fish onto resin yourself. This epoxy project requires patience as it takes a few days to create. But you’ll love how it makes the resin look three-dimensional. You won’t believe these fish aren’t real. (and once again these fish don’t need feeding.)

Entryway tray

How to make a tray with resin

How many times have you lost your keys because you toss them somewhere only to forget where that is? Instead, make a tray with resin that will serve as a landing spot for your keys, phone, and anything else in your pocket. It also gives a cozy, rustic look to your home’s entryway. Let people think you bought this from some bougie shopping store instead of making easy crafts at home.

Resin keychain

resin paw print keychain charms

Speaking of lost keys, maybe the trick to not losing them is by making a key ring that’s hard to lose. Blend that with a love for animals, and you’ve got the best afternoon crafting project. Your car keys will thank you. And so will your family when you can get out of the house on time…

Wood and resin pendant

purple resin and wood pendant

If you’ve got some word-working tools, you’ve got options for making resin jewelry. After combining resin and wood, cut and sand the resin into unique shapes. You can connect scrap wood with resin to turn it into something inventive.

Resin ring

resin ring

Where are my people who like wearing big, chunky rings? Then I’ve got the easy crafts project for you. It all starts with a funky ring mold. Use a resin for jewelry, add some flashy resin colors, then pour into your mold. The hardest part of this project will be waiting for your resin to cure.

Tic tac toe set

tic tac toe game

Are you looking for a way to unplug from technology? Or maybe when the technology unplugs from you. (thanks down wifi) How about going old school with a board game? Especially if it means that you can use your resin skills. This tic tac toe set also travels well, meaning it’s already called shotgun for your next road trip.

Mason jar centerpiece

spring mason jar centerpiece

So you’ve been saving your mason jars in hopes that someday you would find some way to include them in a craft project. Here’s your chance. Drip colored epoxy onto jars that you can use for centerpieces. Fill them with lights or flowers. Either way, they will sparkle. Plus, this is an easy leftover resin project.

Wine caddy

wine bottle with resin wine caddy and glasses

Where are my wine lovers? (The official name for this is oenophile.) This easy project will make it to the top of your favorite crafts list. Start with the mold, then add colored resin. Yep. It’s that simple. The best part of this resin project is that you can have it your way with the colors. It’s a thoughtful and creative housewarming gift for oenophiles. (But I’m still weirded out by that word.)

Bangle bracelet

resin bangle bracelet DIY

This is the quintessential classic of all resin jewelry projects. There’s nothing like wearing a chunky resin bracelet, Especially when you made it yourself. You won’t believe the step we take to give the resin a unique pattern.

Petri earrings

resin petri earrings

Okay, using resin in earring molds is my favorite of all the easy crafts on this list. Why?  Earring always fit. Plus, they add a sense of style, even if my hair is a hot mess. If you like them colorful, then you will love using alcohol tints to make these Petri-style earrings.

Ready to take on more easy crafts with resin but need help getting started?

Then you will love my ebook, Resin Fundamentals. I wrote it with the resin beginner in mind. Instead of feeling hesitant to get started, read this book the same day you buy it. You’ll feel confident to tackle your first or next resin project.

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