How to get started with resin – tips for making things with resin

How to get started with resinSo you’ve decided to give resin a try. Awesome! You are in for a fun way to make your own resin arts, crafts, and jewelry. If you are like many of the people I’ve helped, you are wondering how to get started with resin. It can be overwhelming knowing what you need, so let me break it down for you:

What are you going to make with resin?

pouring colored resin into a silicone mold

Knowing what you are going to make is essential to choosing the right resin for your project. Resin to coat artwork is not the same resin you want to use in molds. Knowing the difference between doming resin and casting resins is essential. For projects where you want a ‘coating’ of resin, you want to use a doming resin formula. If you are using a mold, you want to use a casting resin formula.


Prepare your resin work area

crafting trays

Working with resin can be messy. You need to protect your area with the right materials to make sure the resin doesn’t ruin a surface. If you aren’t sure what those are, this list of surfaces resin won’t stick to will help.

Understand resin safety

nitrile gloves

Resin kits are chemicals and should be treated with care and respect. You will need to wear personal protective gear and work in a well-ventilated work area to keep yourself healthy. There are other resin safety precautions you should also take to keep yourself healthy and able to work with resin for a long time.

Purchase your resin supplies

supplies for resin casting

In addition to the resin, you will need measuring cups, mixing utensils, and safety gloves to measure and mix the resin. You may also decide you want resin colors and resin molds to do your project. Here’s an extensive list of what you need to get started resin casting.


Plan out what you are going to make

adding resin to a silicone mold

Take a little time here to plan what resin projects you are going to make. You must have a plan of action before mixing the resin because once you mix the resin, you only have a limited time to use it. You don’t want to waste precious time figuring out the details of your resin project.

Mix and pour the resin

measuring epoxy resin and hardener into graduated resin mixing cups

Now’s your chance to put your skills to use! Carefully measure and thoroughly mix your resin, then use your resin right away. You want to get it used before it starts to gel. If you need more help in this area, here are five easy steps to measuring and mixing epoxy resin.

Let the resin cure

covering bezels to keep dust and dirt out while curing

Cover it with a large container to keep dust and hair out of the resin while it cures. Leave it alone to cure, which usually takes hours to days, depending on the resin you are using.

Finish your work

sanding edges of a resin charm with a nail file

Once the resin is cured, put on the final touches. You may need to add jewelry findings to make a jewelry project wearable or sand off rough edges. With resin art projects, you may need to remove drips from the back of your artwork surface.

Enjoy your creativity and craftiness

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21 thoughts on “How to get started with resin – tips for making things with resin

  1. I’ve had problems pouring spheres. I tried alumilite but the results were terrible. Do you pour in layers, is there another way to remove bubbles if you don’t have a pressurization pot. there was a definite line around the middle where my mold met. Help!

  2. I am just starting out wanting to use resin for my botanical preservation. I want to pour resin in the bottom of a glass container and place wood in the container so the resin imitates water! I will also want to put pebbles, crystals, or river stones at the bottom of the container. Can you guide me on how to best do this?

  3. I am wanting a clear resin for embedding objects. My husband wants a resin he can turn on his lathe. Do we need different types of resin or is there one that will work for both of us?

  4. im 13 and i really like making resin shakers, but I don’t have a gas mask and my artworks are small. i usually use a normal mask and put tissue in side of it (I also use gloves) is that alright? or do I still have to get a gas mask?

  5. Hi so. I am a beginner and have A and B resin how do I use it do I mix the m if so how much resin do you need for one primed and how much A do you mix with B

  6. I am thinking of starting a career in epoxy products i.e. design fabricate and then eventually the sale ..
    Since I am a beginner at all this yet it fascinates me knowing that I can use my skills at a right place and get a good earning as well . So please help me out here as I need all the assistance and guidance there is.
    Will be waiting for your reply.

  7. Hi, I am interested in using resins along with models I have 3d printed.
    I am thinking of using a contrasting colour to fill a text, like an engraved text to enhance it or to include items in the model that I can suspend in clear resin inside the model.
    Where is the best place to purchase and what are the manufacturer names to look out for?

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