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7 gift ideas for the resin crafter and artistIf you are lucky enough to have a creative person in your life, you might be wondering what makes a good gift to give.  Here’s my list of gift ideas for resin artists that is sure to give them hours of fun creating!

1.  Resin Jewelry Kits.  For someone just getting started with resin, this is a great way to do so.  You can get resin, mixing cups and utensils and a mold (depending on which kit you buy) to get you started.

2. ‘Other resin supplies that aren’t resin.  There’s nothing sexy about mixing cups and wax paper, but they are quite essential to casting resin.  Some of the supporting items I have in my resin art studio:

Wax paper or freezer paper

Stir stix and toothpicks

Mixing cups.

Drying mat.  I really love this mat for the knobs being able to keep everything in place while I push around resin with a toothpick.  It also has open areas to allow you to put the bail of the pendant so that it rests flat while it cures.

Plastic domes (preferably see-through) to cover resin while it’s curing.

Flat pieces of styrofoam.  Ever have an old styrofoam cooler you don’t know what to do with?  Cut away the styrofoam to a large flat piece.  Now you have a place to cast resin that is portable.   (and if you spill resin on it, no big deal — simply throw it away)

Plastic containers.  These are great for storing your resin and keeping all your crafting supplies contained.  They don’t even have to be new.  The right size food containers can be reused and work just as well.

3.  Molds.  I have too many resin molds, said no resin creator ever.  Molds are awesome gift ideas for resin artists!  We have everything from jewelry molds to paperweight molds in our store.  You can even gift dice molds so someone can make a custom dice set for game night!

Here’s where you can find our best selling resin molds.

4.  Books.  I don’t know that you can ever have too many books about resin jewelry making.  It’s a great opportunity to learn from a new teacher and hopefully pick up a thing or two.

5.  Gift certificates.  A Resin Obsession gift certificate gives your favorite artist the option of getting exactly what they want as well.  Better yet — give them a gift certificate to join a resin jewelry making class.

6.  Equipment.  Maybe your favorite resin crafter has been getting by with a hand drill.  How about an upgrade to something like a dremel tool or flex shaft?

7.  Resin colorants.  Whether you are making resin jewelry, crafts, art or something else in between, you can never have too many resin colors!  Whether it’s a powder or liquid colorant, there are many options to choose from in the Resin Obsession store.

What are some of your other favorite gift ideas for resin artists?

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