Resin turns soft

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Tatiana:

      Hello! so i have made a couple batches of some dried flower resin pendants, using easy casts resin, doing the 1:1 ratio and what i think and im pretty sure im mixing it enough, i leave them to cure for a couple days in a vacant extra guest bedroom in my house that is room temperature if anything more on the warmer side, without touching them just to make sure its all good, and they are always hard and good and i remove them from the molds. but then when the weather gets warm or if i wear one when its hot weather, they get all softer and not completely hard! its super irritating, so at room temperature they seem hard and good and then once exposed to any warmth they get soft. what did i do wrong? i want to start selling them soon as necklace pendants and keychains but cant sell them if they arent solid hard at warmer temperatures!! if you have advice thank you so much, i looked in your Q&A and didnt see a question quite as such so im sorry if this is repetitive for you! thank you

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Tatiana,

      Here are a couple of my thoughts to help you:

      1. Are you absolutely sure you are measuring and mixing properly? It sounds like your castings are initially curing properly, but I would be 110% sure your measuring and mixing is spot on. I like to use graduated mixing cups to make sure I am exact, then mix for 2 to 3 minutes while scraping the sides of my cup and stir utensil.

      2. Are you using anything else besides flowers in your resin and/or are your flowers dry? Excess moisture can keep resin from curing properly.

      3. Are your resin charms going into metal settings? Metal settings when displayed in the heat, will pass that heat onto the resin. I have seen resin melt in these situations.

      4. Are you castings thin? In general, Easy Cast resin is a relatively soft resin, even when cured. I could easily see a thin casting made with this resin and a little bit of heat applied make it ‘bendy’ rather quickly.

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      The same thing happens for me. I am completely sure that I am mixing the ratios right. I have my measuring cup and I measure it 1:1 ratio and have the exact measurements. It cures perfectly fine but once I take it out in hot weather it gets all soft and bendy, once it’s back inside with regular temperatures it’s fine again. The only things I put inside is glitter and a little photo, and sometimes only glitter. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. The only thing I can think of is maybe the brand, but it’s happened with two of them. Please help and thank you so much!

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