Sealing agate with resin

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      I paint with acrylics on agates, & seal with a spray acrylic (only on the painted part). I’d like to seal the whole painting side -agate included- in resin that will stay clear. Which resin should I use? Will it be a dome or flat top?
      What about sealing a flat agate (scene painted on with acrylic) pendant in resin? Which product would I use for that? And would it cover the painted side only?…or the entire pendant?
      I’ve never used resin, so am not familiar with resin lingo. Specific instructions and advise will be highly appreciated!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lisa,

      So that I’m clear, you painted on agate and want to seal the painting onto the agate (and not cast it in a mold with resin). Do I have that right? I want to make sure I make the best recommendation.

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      Correct. I just want to seal the top a painted agate. Not using a mold.

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