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      I attempted to cast a screw in a pyramid paperweight and I poured 2 layers of clear resin followed by 2 layers of glitter.

      The first, third and fourth layers set perfectly. The second is blurry and sticky and didn’t set.

      I had a bad feeling after I poured it and saw “squiggles” in the resin.

      Did I not mix it enough? I recall mixing it as much as I did the other layers and I was using a scale so I’m certain I didn’t have off ratios unless I grabbed the wrong bottle while measuring. Thanks a lot.

      Is there a way I can retrieve the screw and attempt to recast it? It was supposed to be a gift and I’m so sad it didn’t turn out.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Nicole,

      I’m sorry this happened to you. These articles will help:

      You’ll have to cut the screw out of the resin to recast it. Sand off as much excess resin as possible before recasting.

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      Graham van Heerde

      Hi There,
      Very new to using UV resin.
      Tried the hot bath technique to remove bubbles but finding my resin is curing in the plastic container. Windows have blinds drawn so no external UV source. I’m wondering if this is a sign of old resin even though I bought it from a store less than a month ago.
      Would welcome solutions or alternate ideas.

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