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      I attempted to cast a screw in a pyramid paperweight and I poured 2 layers of clear resin followed by 2 layers of glitter.

      The first, third and fourth layers set perfectly. The second is blurry and sticky and didn’t set.

      I had a bad feeling after I poured it and saw “squiggles” in the resin.

      Did I not mix it enough? I recall mixing it as much as I did the other layers and I was using a scale so I’m certain I didn’t have off ratios unless I grabbed the wrong bottle while measuring. Thanks a lot.

      Is there a way I can retrieve the screw and attempt to recast it? It was supposed to be a gift and I’m so sad it didn’t turn out.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Nicole,

      I’m sorry this happened to you. These articles will help:

      You’ll have to cut the screw out of the resin to recast it. Sand off as much excess resin as possible before recasting.

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