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      Hey all! I’ve been working on pressed floral bookmarks, and keep thinking they are a success when they are still in their mold… and even when I pull them from their mold they look fine… and then during the sanding of the edges, something goes wrong. I figured if they were cured, that would be the finished product, period. But, can cold water influence cloudiness? I was told to dip them in cold water and use wet sandpaper to file down the edges… but I think it might be that process that is messing with them. (For full disclosure, I am leaving windows open during the process for ventilation, and it’s cold out, so that was my initial thought) I’ve used two different types of epoxy and have had issues with both so far.

      thanks in advance, folks! We’ve been trying to sort these out for a fundraiser, and I’m losing moolah hand over fist when I keep botching these up! GAH!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sonja,

      Resin will go cloudy as you sand it. You will need to continue sanding until the frosty surface goes away.

      This article explains how to sand resin: https://www.resinobsession.com/resin-frequently-asked-questions/how-to-sand-resin-smooth/

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