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10 tips for getting rid of resin bubbles

Hand up if you hate bubbles in resin! (I have both of mine up in case you are wondering.) Nothing can ruin the look of resin quicker than finding a bubble in your finished project. Here are my 10 tips for avoiding and getting rid of resin bubbles. 1. Choose the right resin for your… Read more »

Five things you should never set in resin

things you should not set in resin

Adding things to resin is an easy way to make your resin crafts and jewelry special. Your possibilities are endless! While there is so much you can add to resin, there are five things you should never set in resin: Fresh flowers Fresh flowers will turn colors in resin. They can do anything from go… Read more »

10 ways how to save money when using resin – Resin money saving tips

resin money saving tips

Yes, you are reading that correctly. A company that is selling resin products is going to share with you how to save money when using resin. See, when I’m not a resin retailer, I am a resin artist. (and a thrifty one at that). Saving money on resin and resin supplies is something I do… Read more »

10 reasons why your resin casting is a disaster and how to avoid them

resin casting disasters How to avoid resin casting disasters Resin casting is a lot of fun.  I love the versatility of embedding objects in resin along with making it any resin color I want.  Unfortunately, it isn't always as easy as it looks and can cause frustration for even the most experienced resin crafter.  A little bit of... Read more »

Surfaces resin won’t stick to – what surfaces will resin not adhere to

what surfaces will resin not adhere to

Resin makes a great glue but sometimes you need surfaces resin won’t stick to.  That information is not only helpful in knowing what makes a good resin art and crafting surface but knowing a little bit about what resin doesn’t stick to is useful in getting resin to do some neat things. Mold release.  We… Read more »

Resin Crafting Tips for beginners

resin crafting tips for beginners

  5 Tips and Tricks for Crafting with Resin! Originally written July 2014.  Updated May 2020. This is a guest blog post by Mona Schmitt of I loooove crafting with resin!  There are so many things you can do and experiment with and most of the time the results are fantastic!  Still things don’t… Read more »

Resin problems – Three things no one will tell you about using resin

resin problems

It’s always been my mission for you to have an excellent experience with resin, even if you don’t buy resin products from Resin Obsession. Here are three resin problems no one else will tell you about using it: All resins will yellow with time I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your… Read more »

How to dry flowers in a microwave

dry flowers in a microwave

Originally written January 2015.  Updated April 2020. This article is the fourth in a series on drying flowers.  You can read the other articles here: Learn How to dry flowers using silica gel beads Read How to dry flower petals with contact paper Try How to dry flowers with parchment paper The last technique I… Read more »

How to fix bubbles in resin – remove bubbles from cured resin

fix bubbles in cured resin

  Originally written July 2016.  Updated March 2020. by Kate Ledum Even when you are very careful and very experienced, you may find yourself in a situation where you are asking yourself how to fix bubbles in resin — even if the resin is completely cured. Unfortunately, the resin coaster with leaves from the How… Read more »

How to mix colors – color mixing advice

how to mix colors

How to Mix Colors this article is reprinted with permission from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit Have you ever mixed red and blue paint only to find you have “mud” instead of purple? Want to know how to create any color you may need for an art project? Now it’s… Read more »