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How to sand resin smooth: get an even surface on resin art and jewelry

sanding resin smooth

Sometimes when you are making resin jewelry or painting with resin, you may find you have an uneven surface, scratches or ‘gaps’ in your resin surface (otherwise known as ‘fish eyes’). The good news is that resin can be sanded to get a smooth surface. Here are my tips on how to sand resin smooth…. Read more »

Resin casting tricks – resin casting hacks

resin casting hacks Resin casting tricks One of the neat things about resin is that while many people create things with resin, almost everyone has a different way of doing things.  Over the course of time, many of us have found our own resin casting tricks to help us get the end results we want.  I recently asked a... Read more »

Finding options for resin jewelry – how to make resin charms wearable

Finding options for resin jewelry

What are finding options for resin jewelry? You have made a beautiful resin charm. How do you turn it into a piece of wearable jewelry? That’s where jewelry findings come into play. What are jewelry findings? Jewelry findings are a generic term for the unfinished components you can use to assemble jewelry. They can come… Read more »

Epoxy resin safety precautions – How to use epoxy resin safely

resin safety tips

Safety precautions to take when working with epoxy resin Using epoxy resin is a creative way to make art, jewelry, and crafts.  Before you get started though, you want to be sure you are aware of the epoxy resin safety precautions you should be taking to make sure you can work with resin and stay… Read more »

How to color clear epoxy resin – coloring resin

coloring resin

How to color clear epoxy resin   Originally written August 2018.  Updated May 2020. Let’s talk a little about coloring your resin. There are a few things you can do and a few things you can’t do when it comes to coloring resin.  Knowing these guidelines will help ensure resin coloring success.  Then, once you… Read more »

Resin casting in cold weather – cold weather resin casting tips

cold weather resin casting tips Resin casting in cold weather by Kate Ledum Resin prefers warm temperatures (not hot) and doesn’t like excess moisture. Resin that’s too cold is like molasses. While you’re attempting to mix the parts, no matter how slowly you stir, you'll trap all sorts of bubbles. The thicker consistency also makes it tough to fully combine... Read more »

What can I put in resin jewelry? Things to include in resin jewelry

what can I put in resin jewelry

If you are asking yourself what can I put in resin jewelry, you are going to love what you can make with resin!  There are so many things that can get put in resin to give it your own creative spin.  The possibilities are endless! Here are ten of my favorite things to include in… Read more »

How to paint on resin – paint on cured resin

painting on resin by Lynette Olnhausen Resin can definitely be a bit tricky to paint and very different from painting on canvas or wood, as you will find that paint doesn't cling to resin very well.  Here are some of my tips on how to paint on resin if you'd like to add some color to a resin... Read more »

The truth about mastering your skills with epoxy resin

epoxy resin skills

What if I told you there are three ways to be better at epoxy resin that have nothing to do with your current skill level? In fact, artists at any part of their journey can implement these resin tips to help themselves be better with their next resin project. The good news is that none… Read more »