10 Awesome Resin Coaster Ideas To Make In 2022

So you want to make a resin coaster, but you need some ideas.  And you need them to be easy.  Especially if you’re a resin beginner. I can help with that. Here are ideas for ten resin coaster projects. Bottle cap This is the classic resin coaster project. Grab bottle caps from your favorite beverage […]

How To Use Stamp Pads As Resin Molds

  Hello, Resin Obsession fans! Karen Bearse here with a new experiment/playtime using stamp pads as resin molds. I have had this idea for a while, speculating in my brain. Today, I decided to act on it. Resin Supplies: -Amazing Casting Resin -Casting Supplies- measure cup, gloves, stir stick, timer. -Various stamps- I used rubber, […]

How To Dry Flowers In A Microwave

So you want to learn how to dry flowers in a microwave.  That’s cool.  Or that’s hot.  Depending on who you ask. Why dry flowers in a microwave? Most importantly, because fresh flowers turn brown in resin and look like dog 💩. So you’ll definitely need to dry them before including them in your next […]


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