Foggy Surface Finish (Possibly Amine Blush?) – Help!

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      Stephen Dundas

      Hi all, I’ve run into an issue and am a bit out of my depth.

      I’m new to using epoxy resin. I’m using a clear epoxy (Protite Casting Resin + catalyst) to create a clear glass effect on a model. I’ve done 3 practice runs previously without issue, but this time (on the final product!) after curing there is a semi-opaque film on the top. It looks a lot like fog on clear glass.

      The day I cast it was fine in terms of weather, though overnight as it was curing there was a spike in humidity. A bit of googling suggested it could be amine blush, and a proposed solution was to scrub it with warm soapy water and a scotchbrite pad (dish sponge/scourer).

      As soon as it gets wet, it goes crystal clear. When it dries – either air-drying or with a paper towel – it goes foggy again. Scrubbing with the scotchbrite pad seems to make no difference to this beyond producing a few fine scratches.

      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! I already have a lot of money incorporated into the piece so starting again isn’t an option. Can I just add another thin layer of epoxy resin (and this time read the weather forecast!) or will the foggy layer then just be trapped inside?

      Many thanks!

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      Katherine Swift

      I sounds like you are experiencing amine blushing. I discuss how to handle it here:

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      Stephen Dundas

      Hi Katherine, thanks for the reply!

      It’s thoroughly cured, so I guess I’m up for sanding and adding another thin coat over the top.

      Any recommendations for grit size or other tips for sanding it down in preparation for adding a new top coat?

      Many thanks!

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      Stephen Dundas

      Also, if I sand it down and pour a new thin coat on, will it be clear all the way through? (Aside from that thin layer on the top the rest of the resin is clear through the full thickness.)

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      Stephen Dundas

      Hi Katherine,

      I managed to fix it! I used a 400, 600, 800 then 1200 grit sand paper, cleaned it off and then poured a new thin layer of the resin (this time keeping an eye on the weather forecast). It came up crystal clear all the way through.

      Thank you so much for your help!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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