Resin and Mod Podge

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Sandy:

    I just poured acrylic paint mixed with mod podge into shallow coasters. Maybe 1/8 inch thick. Does the mod podge need to be fully cured before resin can be poured over to seal and waterproof it, or can I pour the resin on as long as the layer of mod podge has hardened enough that is wont sink down or mix with the resin and upset the poured artwork layer?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Sandy,

    The Mod Podge needs to be completely dry before pouring the resin, otherwise it will make the resin cloudy. Depending on the humidity where you live, this could take several days, especially if you used a lot of Mod Podge.

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    Veronica Arellano

    I poured resin into a silicone mold for round clusters and used alcohol inks for design. Was wondering if after it cures can I spray Mod Podge over the coasters? Will it ruin them in the long run?

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      Katherine Swift

      I don’t know. I have never tried that.

      Why do you want to spray Mod Podge on them? What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps I can recommend an alternative.

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    I am making round resin coasters. I am putting a layer of Mod Podge on the hardened resin and putting a coat of Mod Podge on the card stock paper and placing it on top of the resin. I also apply the layer of the Mod Podge on the back of the card stock and letting it dry before I apply another layer of resin. I used the matte finish for the Mod podge but I am noticing that my coasters are still coming out shiny on the picture side and I see streaks. What am I doing wrong?

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      Katherine Swift

      You may be seeing streaks from placing the Mod Podge on the resin. Have you tried it without that step?

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    Ayla Grady

    hello, I’m just starting out using resin and epoxy to try to make little jewelry pieces with gemstones inside and they are coming out of the silicone molds looking cloudy,I was wondering if you think putting mod podge over it would help clear up some of that cloudy look?

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    I am making a table with pictures on it. I glued the pictures down but a few of the pictures are from magazines and the corners of the pictures didn’t stick down. My husband went ahead and put resin on top of them even though a few of the picture’s edges aren’t laying flat. So now I have a thin layer of resin on top of my pictures and the corners of three of the pictures are sticking up. How am I able to fix this?
    Thank you!

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