Trouble with applying resin to a tumbler

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Crystal:

      I have recently purchased the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to clear coat my glitter tumblers. Ive been doing it for a while and when I do it on the actual glitter ones, they come out fine.

      Recently I tried a different way to do the tumblers. I would spray paint them and then spray a iridescent glitter spray paint on it and then spray paint with glitter lock clear and regular clear and then I would add the Amazing Clear Cast.

      But now I noticed on those, I would get hole-like spots in the tumblers as I am rotating it while drying. I don’t know why it’s doing that and I keep looking it up and can’t find answers. I thought you might be able to help. Please see picture below for reference.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Crystal,

      This happens when something changes the surface tension of the resin such that it doesn’t want to stay on the surface, but wants to ‘bunch up’ instead. I will see this in thin viscosity resins like the Resin Obsession super clear resin. The amazing clear cast is a thick, doming resin, so this should not happen, as you have found out in previous uses.

      While I haven’t used the other products you mention, I suspect something in them in having a physical or chemical effect on the resin to cause the surface tension to change. Here are a couple of things you can try differently.

      1. Rotate the tumblers at a slower speed.
      2. Coat them with another layer of a clear, acrylic based spray before applying resin. This is the one I suggest:
      3. Go back to the old way of doing them. If your tumbler still feels bumpy or uneven after applying the first coat, you can apply a second one.

      Let me know what works out for you!

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      Jessica McClary

      I am new to working with epoxy. I have tried 2 separate tumblers and both did the exact same thing after the first coat… after drying they’re not smooth, but rather wavy and dimply… is this normal after the first coat? Will it smooth out after the second coat or will it remain wavy and dimply?
      I am using amazing clear cast epoxy..

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        Katherine Swift

        Unfortunately you will need to sand it smooth before applying a new coat. If it’s already bumpy, adding another coat may make that worse.

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          Jessica McClary

          If I sand it down will that make the first layer looked scuffed/ foggy looking after I apply the second layer? I have sanded it down some and then cleaned it really good first with water then went over it with alcohol and It’s no longer super shiny like it was before I sanded it….

          Also what’s making it wavy and dimpled? What do I need to do to make sure the next tumbler doesn’t do the same thing….

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      Latoya Lewis

      I have recently began making tumblers with epoxy. Everything goes well until the final coat cures and I get bumps in the epoxy on the cup.

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Latoya, it sounds like your cup and resin aren’t rotating long enough during curing.

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      The first 5 tumblers turned out perfect! Now I’m having the problem of applying epoxy and it shifts the glitter or absorbs into the glitter and pulls it off in chunks. Please helpppp!

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      I dropped my cup and it made a dent on the bottom…it has about 3 layers of glitter then one coat of epoxy. The actual cup doesnt seem damaged. Is there any way to fix the dent?

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      I am having trouble with my epoxy being uneven on the bottom. One end will have more than the other making it wobble. Will I have to sand it and reapply the epoxy?

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      Shelby Handy

      I am having issues with my Epoxy pulling away from the top of my cup and when the cures It’s like a big bump at the bottom. My Turners are level I even put a support piece under the PVC pipe but it is still happening has anybody had this issue?

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      Anna Guillen

      I just applied epoxy on 2 tumblers that I first spray painted. When I went to tape them for glitter coat the epoxy lifted with the tape. I peeled off the resin on the entire tumbler. Why isn’t it staying on?

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Anna, something on the tumbler is acting as a release. Can you wash the surface with soap to remove the oily residue?

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        Ashley Savage

        Yes i have been having same problem but dont know why it is happening.

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        Melissa Ausflug

        What would cause the tumbler to have like ridges once’s it is cured. Like when I take my hand and feel around the cup it’s ridgy.

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      Jennifer Lee

      Hello! The last two tumblers I made with epoxy have dried with a dull finish. They look great at first but as they cute the shine goes away. I am using Craft Source High Gloss epoxy resin. What is going wrong? They turn for about 5-6 hours then sit until a total of about 24 hours.

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      Heather Sergesnt

      Is there any way to spot fix epoxy on a tumbler?
      My tumbler turned out beautifully except for a tiny pin sized hole in the epoxy. Is there a way to fix just this spot?

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      Katelyn Nettles

      Hi! I’ve done glitter tumblers with resin on top of that. Well now that I’ve done a bigger cup with the alcohol inks in wood grain look, the resin seems to be sliding down at the lip and the beveled edge going to the smaller bottom section. What’s wrong?!

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      I am new to making tumblers with resin and my cup has been rotating for four hours and is sticky. Will this change once fully cured?

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      I glittered and resined the base of a tumbler and now it’s uneven and wobbly. Is there any way to fix this? I see above where someone suggested sanding, but won’t that require reapplying glitter and resin? And when I reapply the resin won’t it run onto the finished part while turning?

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      I am trying to do my first tumbler but am having similar problems to others. Refer to the photo and comments from Crystal on August 17. The same thing is happening to mine. I did alcohol ink so the surface was pretty smooth to start with. I did not seal it the first time. I got all the bumpy craters, etc. so I sanded the whole thing down and started from scratch. The second time I sealed it after the alcohol ink before the epoxy but got the same result. I sanded it down to try and smooth it out as best I could before putting the second coat of resin. I got the same result. Before I try another tumbler, I need to know what I’m doing wrong. None of the videos I watch address this problem/issue. I watched many videos and am doing the same thing as instructed in the videos but am having no luck.

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      Hey guys. I was looking for a solution to a different problem, but I see a lot of people with a similar problem to what I had at first.

      If you have bumpy, spotty, uneven surface, it might be due to not using enough epoxy to coat the object. We did some ornaments and cups and found that if you don’t use enough, no matter how smooth it is at application, it will eventually look like the top picture in this post. Try using more epoxy to coat, it worked for us.

      The problem we have had is using a Spin It from Michael’s, it leaves a big lump on the bottom of the cup or ornament. No matter how much we level or what we are turning with it, even at different speed settings, it just leaves that lump. I don’t have that problem with my DIY rotisserie turner. Any thoughts? Yes, I know the reviews are FULL of this problem, but it seems fixable.

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      Jen W

      I am new to making cups. The main part of my cup looks great, however the top and bottom edge of my cup stay rough even after the second coat. I do sand those areas after the first application, but has not helped.

      Thank you for any suggestions.

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      Marlene Sharpe

      Hi, I’m having trouble with epoxy staying on . I have stripped, sanded, repainted, still getting fish eyes and spots where epoxy just won’t cover. Can’t figure it out. Could it be the epoxy? I’m using Dr. Crafty resin

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      Marlene Sharpe

      Hi, I am using Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast resin. Worked great for my first 2 cups. Now , after I spray paint and start putting my first coat of epoxy, I get fish eyes and large spots where the epoxy doesn’t want to stick. So, I stripped it with acetone, sanded it down, wash real good with soapy water, then spray painted, put epoxy on , it does the same thing. What can I do to keep this from happening?

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      Hi. I havent had any of the previous problems with my epoxy and tumblers. However, the last two I did ended up getting moisture underneath the epoxy after its first wash in the sink and I’m not sure why since I had not had this problem before. The first one I used fabric for my design and the second one was just glitter. Please help…

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      I have had the same issue but I also changed epoxy when this started to happen. I’m going back to the original to see if that fixes it. Now I’m having trouble with alcohol inks staying put. Everything wants to slide to the bottom of the wine glass

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      Darlene Parten

      Did u clean ur cups with alcohol and let it dry before adding the expoxy? I had a similar situation and my alcohol didn’t dry good.

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      Hello I was just wondering if any of you could help me. I just attempted to make my first glitter tumbler and I just put the first epoxy layer over the glitter last night and i now see that it did dry and it nice and clear but there are little hard round bumps literally all over it like the whole thing is super bumpy and when I applied it last night there weren’t air bubbles all in it so what is causing this? I’d really appreciate it thank you so much!

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      Laura Regan

      Hi. Any tips on the lip of the cup? That never seems to get as smooth as the rest if the cup.

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      Applied resin to tumbler 24 hours ago. The tumbler is on spinner (slow speed). It is still wet in spots and appears to be runny. Should I put another coat of epoxy on top of current coat of epoxy? I am using Amazing Clear brand.

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      Tanisha Kanno

      I applied my first coat of epoxy to my tumbler…let it cure-sanded any imperfections and added my vinyl and another layer of epoxy. The last coat cured beautifully except on the brim of the cup its rough…help!!!!

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