How To Make Resin Jewelry With Your Epoxy Charms

Techniques to finish resin charms


Now that you’ve made some incredible epoxy charms, you might want to use them to make resin jewelry.


resin charms with bails

You can make resin jewelry easily with jewelry findings.

pin vise

Option 1:  Drill a hole

You can use a pin vise and a small drill bit to make a hole in your piece. Or you can also use a small electric drill like a Dremel tool. Drill the resin on top of a piece of styrofoam recycled from packaging to ensure you don’t accidentally drill into your table.

drilling hole in epoxy with pin vise

Drilling holes in resin is pretty straightforward. Set the tip of the drill bit where you want the hole. Then, turn the vise continuously to the right.

turning pin vise to go through resin charm

Keep turning the pin vise until the drill bit comes out on the other side. Brush away the resin bits from the drilling and add an oversized jump ring as a bail. This type of pendant bail finding is excellent when you like both sides of the resin piece. You can wear either as the front.

Simply add a jump ring to the resin charm to make it wearable.

applying a glue on bail to an epoxy charm

Option 2:  Glue on a bail

The other option for finishing resin charms is to use a glue-on bail. A glue-on bail and pendant loop is great when you have a definite front side of your piece.

completed glue on bail

Apply enough strong adhesive, like E-6000, to the flat part of the bail and then stick it on the back of the resin piece. Allow at least 24 hours for the glue to dry and permanently bond.

mixed media resin

By the way, if you don’t want to make resin jewelry with your charms, you can include them in mixed media art projects or other home décor.

This is a masque I cast when using a cookie cutter as a resin mold. I recently combined it with canvas and various die-cut or embossed paper pieces, peacock herls, and other embellishments.

Want to learn more about the basics of how to make resin jewelry?

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Originally written by Kate Ledum

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5 thoughts on “How To Make Resin Jewelry With Your Epoxy Charms

  1. Hi I’m a resin pendants designer and jewelry designer have been making pendants and jewelry for many years. I would definitely not recommend to anyone to use E6000 to attach a bail or anything that hangs on necklace or earrings etc……. with e6000 the bail can easily be pulled right off unless you want alot of customer complaints I would steer clear of e6000 I use a solvent called hot stuff special t and even with a pilers trying to yank a bail off a pendant it won’t come off the bail will actually break before coming off yr pendant !!!! Just thought I would let you know as I’ve had alot of time to test this out.

    1. That’s fascinating! I’ve used E6000 for my pendants and bails for 7 years and have never had a problem. Glad to hear you found something that works for you.

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