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How to make chess pieces with resin


Anyone else out there been been watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix?  I never considered myself a chess lover, but after watching that series, I’m going to have to reconsider!  Of course, that means that not just any chess set will do.  Instead, I’m going to show you how I made my own resin chess pieces.

Resin Supply list:

resin supplies for making chess pieces

Silicone chess mold set
Quick-curing polyurethane resin
Mixing cups
Stirring sticks
Safety gloves
A color for your resin

Now before you get started making your resin chess pieces, there is something I want you to know.

The resin I’m using for this project is not for beginners.  You barely have a minute to mix the resin and pour it into your molds.  i.e. If you’re a beginner and still fumbling with mixing resin, quick-curing resin formulas will cure in your cup before you ever have a chance to use it.

By the way, if you are a beginner, you can still make resin chess pieces.  Simply use a slower curing epoxy resin.  If you want to give it a try, substitute the Resin Obsession super clear resin for the quick-curing resin.

Step 1:  Set up the resin chess piece molds

Because these chess piece molds are long and must stay upright, you will need to find a way to prop them up.  Because I never throw anything away, I used a cup from a previous art project.  (I think it was from an Easter egg dying project.)

Step 2:  Measure the resin

Measuring and mixing resin

Measure equal parts of the resin and hardener (by volume) into separate mixing cups.

Pro tip:  I’m a big believer in using two separate cups to measure your resin and hardener.  That way if you overpour one part, you’re not guessing how much of the other part you need to add to make sure everything cures.

Step 3:  Mix the two parts together

mixing the resin

SUPER IMPORTANT:  You only have 30 to 60 seconds to mix this resin before you must pour it into molds.  It’s why when I made these resin pieces that I made them in two batches.  I needed about 2 1/2 ounces total of resin, but I wasn’t comfortable that I could mix that much resin and pour it into the molds before it started to cure.

Pro tip:  If you are mixing this resin and feel the cup getting hot, that’s your cue to pour the resin into your molds NOW!

Step 4:  Add a drop of resin color

I added a drop of fluorescent pink to the resin, but only partially stirred it into the resin.  This resin cures opaque white by itself, and you will see in a minute what happens when you don’t mix the resin color completely.

IMPORTANT:  Quick-curing resin is quite fussy about taking colors.  It doesn’t like moisture, so you have to use colors designed for polyurethane resin.  Otherwise, your resin will bubble and make a mess!

Step 5:  Pour the resin

pour resin into chess piece molds

Pour the colored resin into the chess piece molds and allow it to cure.  One of the best parts about using quick-curing resin is that your resin chess pieces will be ready to demold in about 15 minutes!

Step 6:  Demold

Demolding resin chess pieces

Peel the silicone away from your cured resin chess piece.  The king and queen were a little difficult to demold.  If it happens to you too, you can add soapy water to the mold to make it peel off easier.

Finish any sharp edges with sandpaper if necessary.

By not mixing the color completely into the resin, you get some neat marbling effects.

Step 7:  Play chess!

resin chess piece set DIY

Because working with this resin doesn’t leave much time to take pictures of every step, I’ve got a video walking you through everything I did to make these resin chess pieces.  You’re welcome.  😉

Ready to learn more than making resin chess pieces but hesitant to get started?

It’s why I wrote the book Resin Fundamentals.  I’ve condensed my almost fifteen years of resin experience into a book that costs less than a resin kit.  Buy the ebook now and have it to read in minutes!

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