What are the steps needed to make silicon molds for RINGS without an existing ring

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       For example, if I wanted to make several rings of different sizes for other people I wouldnt have a copy size of their rings on hand so I would have to make my own copies somehow and then put the copy into silicon clay, but how would I even start? Lol let me know if I confused you.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi K,

      Unfortunately, you are going to need to have ring to serve as a template.  You are not going to be able to carve the ring model from the silicone mold. 

      If your budget is large enough, you can get someone to make a ring for you using CAD/CAM computer software.  The computer will draw and 3-D print the ring for you.  You can then use it as a template for your mold.

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      I think I remember someone selling the design files of ring bands in different sizes for 3d printing in their Etsy shop for somewhere around $5 (much cheaper than buying a multi-ring mold). I think she also sells a tutorial to easily make your own design files using free software for around the same price. I think the listings are in my bookmarks somewhere, so I could look them up for you and post a link if that’s something you’d be interested in (and if it’s allowed, of course.)

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lizzy,

      That would be great! Others ask these kind of questions as well. Links would be most helpful.

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      Okay, it took me a while, but I finally found it! The lady who wrote the tutorial is currently in the process of moving all of her blog content from her free one to her hosted one, but she agreed to post the tut for me even though she is still working out some of the kinks in the site. So if you see some weird page formatting briefly, it is because she is still designing her blog.


      If I read the bottom of the post correctly, she will also design the ring forms for you at any width and thickness you want for $4 if you don’t want to (or can’t seem to) design them yourself.

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      Katherine Swift

      Thanks for the link Lizzy. Very helpful!

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