Mermaid scales pendant – Fun resin pendant project

make mermaid scale pendants

Mermaid Scales Pendant

by Jasmine Moore

Resin supplies list:

-Cardstock/Poster Board
Clear drying glue
Alumidust Colored Powder/Mica
-Oval Dome Mold
Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Castin’ Craft Mold Release
-Alcohol Markers
-Fine Black Marker

resin supplies

Step 1:  Gather supplies

I love the ocean, fish, and coral, but most importantly, I love all things mermaid!  One day I will get to be a mermaid, but until that day, mermaid themed jewelry it is! This design is mostly based on the mermaid tails, but could easily be altered to resemble snake or even dragon type scales.  For now, though, we’ll see how to make mermaid scale pendants.

trace shape

Step 2:  Trace the size

To start, I lightly traced the size I wanted the pendants to be on some poster board using an old resin gem I had.  I recommend either cardstock or poster board for this project, as they are much thicker than normal paper, besides taking coloring and glazing better. If you have a punch in the size you want, you can skip this step.

how to create a color gradient

Step 3:  Color the cardstock

I decided to go with a gradient for this project.  To get that effect, use three colors for the transition. If you decide to create a gradient, I highly recommend alcohol-based markers, since they blend significantly better and do not bleed, like sharpies or artist markers.

To make the gradient, I took my first color (green), and colored about 2/3 of the pendant, allowing 1/3 to be the area for the transition. Then I took my second color (yellow) and started coloring in the last 1/3, and over the middle of the pendant. This gives it a lovely blended effect.  You can go back over in certain spots to make it smoother.

applying glaze

Step 4:  Add some sparkle

At this point, I wanted to create an iridescent glaze for the paper.  I mixed a bit of powder into the glue, one color for each pendant. After mixing the glue with the powder, then slightly thinning it out with water, I took a small brush and brushed it over the colored area. Once that layer is dry, go over it another time with a plain layer, just to ensure you won’t lose any of your fabulous sparkles. If it buckles, you can roll it out to be flat again.


adding scales to artwork

Step 5:  Add the scales

Onto the scales! For this part, use a fine-tip pen, like one of the super-thin sharpies. For the scales, a tip is to make sure each new scale is in between two scales above it. Also, make sure you don’t have the pendant crooked, or you will get some skew looking scales.  If you have a punch, go ahead and punch these out. If not, cut out the shape as cleanly as you can.

seal paper with glueStep 6:  Seal the paper

To make sure no resin starts to seep into the paper, I sealed the back with white paint. I found it sealed things out better than the Tacky glue did. If you are doing this with glue, do that to the back and edges instead. I did the layers twice.

prepping the mold for papers

Step 7:  Prep the mold

Spray the mold release onto the mold and let it dry.


paper in mold cavities

Step 8:  Pour the first resin layer

For this project, I went with Resin Obsession resin, since it cures significantly harder and clearer than other resins. I mixed 15 mL of resin and split it between three equally, which was 5 mL for each cast, which ended up being the perfect amount. After they are poured, gently place the paper pieces over the resin, and gently press down. The resin shouldn’t entirely submerge it, it should just lay on top of it. Gently push it in just to make sure the sides are in the resin, but try to not get resin on the back. Let that sit for a couple of hours.


gold colored resin

Step 9:  Add colored resin

I didn’t like the idea of having the paper just out in the open, nor did I like the idea of it being covered with more clear resin. So of course I decided to add some sparkle to it!  I mixed a very small amount of resin and added gold colored powder to it.

gold colored resin in mold

I again split it between the three pendants so I would have a lovely little halo of gold around the pendants. Then, I let it sit overnight, and it was ready to be taken out of the mold by morning.

mermaid scales pendant

And after a bit of trimming, sanding, and clear coating, here is the final result! I adore how they turned out and was super glad I went with the gold backing for them. I think a mermaid scales pendant would be great for a costume, coasters, or a lovely set of matching earrings and necklace!

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