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How to make snowflake ornaments

I love looking at snowflakes.  There’s something about watching snow fall while I enjoy a cup of hot coffee, a warm fire, and thick wool socks to keep me toasty warm.  Alas, I love living in Florida (and wearing flip flops all year long!), so I don’t get a chance to enjoy snowflakes much at all.  That’s okay because I’m going to DIY some snowflake ornaments with help from my trusty pal, epoxy resin.

Gather these resin supplies:

snowflake resin molds

Resin Obsession super clear resin
Snowflake molds
Assorted glitters
Resin Obsession transparent pigments
Resin Obsession pearl powder
Safety gloves
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
Flex shaft or dremel tool with a size #53 drill bit
Ribbon or cord

Technical notes:

In case you’re wondering, yes, there is a specific reason why I’m using the super clear resin for this project.  It is a casting resin and specially designed for pouring into molds in small volumes.  It cures hard and clear and won’t bend once fully cured.  If you want to learn more about why this is important, be sure to check out this article on the differences between casting resin and doming resin.

Step 1:  Prep the snowflake molds

Apply a light mist of resin mold release and let it dry for at least 30 minutes prior to use.

Step 2:  Mix resin for the first layer

clear epoxy resin

This mold holds about 40 cc total of resin.  Since I am doing this in two layers, I only need about 20 cc of mixed resin for the first layer.

Step 3:  Divide and color the resin

resin colored with glitter

Split the mixed resin into three separate cups.  Then, color with assorted glitters.

Step 4:  Add to the mold

adding resin to a snowflake mold

Pour the colored resin into the mold.

snowflake molds filled with resin

You only need enough to cover the bottom and half and half of the snowflake mold depth.  Don’t forget to check for bubbles before setting them aside to cure.

Pro tip:  If you want to speed up resin curing for your snowflake ornaments DIY project, you can continue to the next step once your resin is in the gel phase.  Otherwise, you can wait for your resin to fully cure before moving on.

Step 5:  Mix and add the second resin layer

adding colors to clear resin

For this layer, I’m using a complementary color of resin to accent the colored glitter.  I’m adding a drop of the transparent pigments and a pinch of the pearl powder.

adding blue resin to silicone mold

Then, finish filling the snowflake molds.  Check for bubbles for setting aside your DIY snowflake ornaments to fully harden.

Step 6:  Drill

marking resin

Because these snowflakes cast without a hole, I needed to drill them.

Mark the spot where you want to drill the resin with a marker.

drilling resin

Then, drill with a flex shaft or dremel tool.  I’m using a size #53 drill bit, which is about the size of 18 gauge wire.  *Be sure to wear safety glasses and keep long hair tied back when doing this step.*

Step 7:  Finish

resin snowflake ornaments

I added curling ribbon to the snowflake ornaments to finish off my DIY project.  You could also finish them with cord, chain or even fishing line.

snowflake Christmas decorations

I think my favorite part of making these resin snowflakes is the size of them.  You will easily see them displayed on a Christmas tree or mantle.

Here’s a 60 second trip on how to make these snowflake ornaments DIY:

Ready to try resin crafting but want extra help?

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  1. My granddaughter has recently discovered resin crafts, and she loves it. Love the snowflake molds. When will they be available again?
    Great gift for Christmas.

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