Encapsulating Items in Epoxy

Encapsulating Items in Epoxy is one of my favorite projects to make. Spring is coming and we are here for all of the bunnies, eggs, grass, and pastel colors! Have you ever tried encapsulating items in Epoxy? If you’re new to trying this technique, here’s how to make some cutie Easter Coasters by encapsulating some […]

Resin Leap Frogs

Resin Leap Frogs don’t just have to be for leap day! While it’s the cutest activity to play every four years you can also play it anytime you want a fun indoor hide and seek activity. If you didn’t see our step by step on how to make our Leap Frog Molds, check it our […]

Create your own Molds with Mold Maker for Resin

Mold Maker allows you to create custom molds for a variety of applications, from craft projects to prototyping. These molds can be used repeatedly and are the perfect solution when you can’t find the mold you need.The process involves creating a master object (the item you want to replicate), mixing a silicone molding compound, and […]

Resin Finishing: Your 8 Point Checklist

So you’ve made something gorgeous with resin. In fact, you’re grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato. (That’s pretty happy in case you’re not from the south.) Now you’re ready to share or wear or even sell what you’ve made. Can you do that right away? Is there more to do first? Here’s your […]

How to Measure Resin So It Cures COMPLETELY

So you’ve heard me talk a lot about mixing resin so it cures without sticky spots. (The #1 resin beginner mistake.) But it’s important you accurately measure resin liquids too. Why is it important that you measure resin accurately? If you don’t have enough of each of the liquids, you’re resin won’t get hot enough […]

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