Mimic the Look of Stone with HydroCast

hydrocast cover

What is HydroCast?

HydroCast is a 3:1 mix ratio epoxy that provides a sustainable alternative to traditional resins. This mineral-based material effortlessly mimics stone’s appearance, composed of a casting compound and acrylic hardener for simplicity and sustainability combined.

Why should I use HydroCast?

It is more robust and less prone to yellowing compared to resin. It’s light weight nature, makes it perfect for weight-sensitive applications. Plus, its matte finish seamlessly complements any home decor.

Interested in trying it out? Check out my tutorial below on how to create a HydroCast Coaster!

What You Will Need

Step 1: Grab your Starter Kit

No need to worry about buying molds and colors, the starter kits includes everything you’ll need to start your first project!

hydrocast starter kit

Step 2: Measure out the Components

Measure out 3 parts of Part A the HydroCast Casting Compound (this is the powder) and 1 part of Part B the HydroCast Curing Catalyst (this is the liquid)

part a
part b

Step 3: Mix until Combined

Mix the two components together until fully combined

mixing part a and b

Step 4: Add your Colors

For this project we used a few drops of yellow and green, but you choose what you like! It’s your world we’re just living in it!

colors for hydrocast

Step 5: Mix Slightly

For this project we wanted to create a marbled look. If that’s what you’re looking for, only mix the colors slightly. This way the colors are not fully combined, and we get that marbled effect.

mixing colors for hydrocast

Step 6: Pour your HydroCast

Pour your mixture into your desired mold. The starter kit comes with two already, but you can use whatever mold you love most!

* Pro Tip: tap the sides of your mold to release any air bubbles. we hate those pesky suckers round these parts

pouring hydrocast

Step 7: Allow Time to Cure

Allow 24 hours for your HydroCast to set. Epoxy requires so much patience….ughhh

hydrocast setting

Step 8: Demold

Unveil your beautiful project and show it off!


Crafting Tip:

Feel free to experiment with different techniques, colors, and molds. Every piece is a unique expression of you!

Thanks to Kelly for showing us how to create this amazing HydroCast Epoxy Coaster! Check out more of Kelly’s creations on Instagram @kellyybellyy62 or Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “Mimic the Look of Stone with HydroCast

    1. HydroCast is durable, flame-resistant, and gains water resistance with the addition of a sealer, making it ideal for a variety of projects! You can definitely use it outside once fully cured!

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