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Crafts for ladies groups – group art projects for adults

group art projects for adults

Who doesn’t need an excuse for a girls’ night out? If you think you want to host a girl’s night party, why not invite resin along? Here are some crafts for ladies’ groups that will have everyone asking when you will be hosting the next one! I know you are anxious to start planning, but… Read more »

Resin cheese board DIY – How to paint a cheese board with resin

Originally published June 2017.  Updated December 2019. by Myléne Hillam What better way to serve appetizers at your next get together than by making your own resin cheese board?  Not only are these fun to make, but your guests will be asking how you made it! Supplies for this resin cheeseboard project: Artwork resin Dispersion... Read more »

Resin paperweights – easy guide to make resin paperweights

resin paperweights by Jasmine Moore Originally written May 2016.  Updated December 2019. Resin supplies list: -Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin -Castin Craft Opaque Black Dye -Castin' Craft resin mold release -Acrylic Paints & Paint Brush -Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks -Micro Glitter -Cabochon Mold 430 Space and galaxy patterns have become pretty popular lately, and being one... Read more »

Unique crafts you never thought to do with resin

Resin is an easy way to make unique crafts, either for yourself or gifts. Here are some easy resin epoxy craft ideas you can try this weekend. Paperweight Resin paperweights are fun and easy to make. They make great gifts by adding personal mementos or other trinkets that mean something to the recipient. This can… Read more »

DIY tree ornaments – Christmas ornaments with resin

DIY tree ornaments Originally written December 2015.  Updated December 2019. I don't know why, but count me in as one of those crafters who has a fascination with mustaches.  (and a fear of fairies -- but that's another blog post).  I couldn't help myself when I decided this week that I needed to make even more DIY tree... Read more »

Personalized resin Christmas ornaments – DIY holiday crafts

personalized resin Christmas ornaments

I can’t think of anything more special to give at the holidays than personalized resin Christmas ornaments. They are easy DIY holiday crafts to remember special family, friends, and teachers. And the best part about this project? They are super easy to make in a day! Resin supplies list: Christmas-themed silicone molds for resin Clear… Read more »

Spring Mason Jar Centerpiece – Mason jar crafts with resin

mason jar crafts by Angie Holden Originally published March 2018.  Updated August 2019. Want a unique idea for your table this Easter?  Try dripping colored resin onto jars for a cute spring mason jar centerpiece.  I have three different methods for dripping that will get you three different results.  Pick your favorite and make as many mason jar... Read more »

Resin tray DIY – embellish a wooden tray with resin

resin tray DIY   How to make your own resin tray by Angie Holden Originally published April 2017.  Updated July 2019. Turn wood slices into a cute tray that is just the thing for your home or even as a Father’s Day gift. This woodland themed tray is perfect for a variety of uses. Supplies needed for this... Read more »

Beach crafts project – make a beach picture display window

Beach crafts A beach crafts project by Angie Holden Originally published July 2017.  Updated July 2019. Have great pictures from your last beach vacation and no way to display them? Turn an old window into a gorgeous beach picture display with a few craft supplies. This is perfect for those that love the ocean and beach crafts.... Read more »

DIY Bamboo and resin trivet – fun and easy resin housewares project

DIY bamboo and resin trivet project DIY Bamboo and Resin Trivet By Myléne Hillam Mill Lane Studio Originally written June 2016.  Updated April 2019. Purchasing a housewares item, then updating it with resin is an easy way to give your kitchen a special touch. Supplies list for this project: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Resin Obsession Transparent Pigments: Red and Yellow... Read more »