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Is resin safe to use during pregnancy?

pregnant woman with doctor Is resin safe to use during pregnancy? Good question!  Using resin can fun way to spend a creative afternoon.  It does, however, require certain safety precautions.  Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to use resin while you are pregnant: Carefully review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the resin(s)... Read more »

How to dispose of resin


Can I throw resin into the trash? If you are anything like me, I generally start out the new year with a promise of getting more organized.  My resin studio is no exception!  I try to take an inventory of what I have and determine what I need or want.  Part of my inventory process… Read more »

Resin Safety


How to stay safe when using resin When working with resin, you don’t need to go full blown hazmat attire, but you do need to exercise a few precautions to make sure you don’t do anything to harm yourself or others.  Here are a few of my basic recommendations when it comes to resin safety: … Read more »

What does non toxic mean?


The definition of non-toxic You may have noticed that some of our resin jewelry making supplies and products have been labeled non toxic.  Do you know what that means? Non toxic is a term established by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.  This act, which is enforced by the Consumer Product and Safety commission, defines what… Read more »

Why are there shipping restrictions on certain resin and resin items?


One of the frequently asked questions we get about buying from Resin Obsession is why there are shipping restrictions on certain items.  These items are considered a ‘hazardous material’ product and must be shipped according to very stringent guidelines. What is different about shipping a hazardous material product? Certain items we carry are designated as… Read more »

Safety tips for working with resin

safety gear

Working with resin to make jewelry and craft projects is fun, but precautions are necessary.  Here are one that I follow regularly when making resin jewelry in my studio. Proper ventilation.  Make sure there is fresh air entering a room when working with resin.  Open a window or use a fan if necessary. Wear disposable… Read more »