Can epoxy resin catch fire? – Is epoxy flammable?

can epoxy resin catch fireI’m glad to know you are asking yourself if epoxy resin can catch fire. It means you are concerned about resin safety, which is a good thing! Here are a few things you need to know about the flammability of epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin kits are not flammable

Epoxy resin kits are made with chemicals that are not combustible. Unlike other resin products, like alcohol inks for resin and aerosol resin mold release, resin kits do not pose a risk of starting a fire if exposed to heat. You can also review a resin kit’s safety data sheet (SDS) to see if there is a flammability hazard.

Pro tip: An SDS is also essential to have access to so you know how to dispose of resin safely or have an emergency where you need to seek medical attention.

But, mixed epoxy resin can start a fire IF…..

When resin and hardener are mixed together, the mixture heats up, which is what causes the mixture to harden. But, if the mixed resin and hardener combination gets too hot, it can melt the mixing cup or catch the cup on fire. That fire can then spread to your work area and get out of hand quickly. For this reason, I always have a metal container and fire extinguisher close by as I’m working. Should my resin overheat, I can promptly contain the mixing cup to a container that’s unlikely to catch fire.

At some point, if you craft with resin long enough, you will likely experience a situation where your resin gets hot and starts to smoke. It’s vital to plan what to do if it happens so as not to injure yourself or someone else.

If you want to learn more about using resin safely, here are the resin safety precautions I always take when I create resin.

So what can you do to keep your epoxy resin from catching fire?

Be aware of how much total volume of a resin and hardener you can mix at once. Combining more than this amount will cause overheating, which can cause epoxy resin to catch fire to the mixing cup. If you are using a resin from the Resin Obsession store, we have that information for you in our resin buying guide.

Know that the thicker a mass of resin you pour, the more quickly heat will build. While it’s unlikely hot resin will catch your mold or surface on fire, it may cause it to melt, making a huge mess.

Heating your resin kit in a water bath is a great way to allow bubbles to escape the mixed resin quickly.  But be aware, this heat also adds to the heat of the reaction. If your resin kit components are hot, they may accelerate the resin reaction enough to set your mixing cup on fire.

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