Resin Obsession color pigments FAQ

Resin Obsession color pigments FAQ

Get to know the Resin Obsession color pigments in this FAQ.

Why do I have to mix this into the Part A resin before adding the Part B hardener?

The Resin Obsession colorants contain epoxy resin. This epoxy requires additional hardener in order to cure properly. By adding the color to the resin first, and keeping track of your measurements, you will know how much hardener to measure and add in.

Say what? That sounds complicated. Do I really have to do it that way?

Okay, let me make it easier for you. Let’s say you measure 10 cc of Part A and 5 cc of Part B. You pick one of the colors and add 3 to 4 drops of color to the Part A. Simply add another two drops of Part B to your 5 cc of Part B already measured.

Why do I need to warm the resin before adding the color?

Our Part A resin can be a little thick, especially if it is cool. Warming it up makes it much thinner and easier to blend in the color.

How do you recommend I warm up the resin?

1. You can put the Part A resin bottle on a warming plate (like a coffee cup warmer or small griddle)

2. Put the Part A in a water bath that does not exceed 150F.

When using these methods, do not leave your items unattended. Any utensils or equipment, once used for resin, should not be used for food again.

Are there any shipping restrictions on these pigments?

No, these pigments can ship to customers worldwide.

What specific safety recommendations are there for using this product?

Users should wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. Additional information can be found in the Resin Obsession color pigments SDS.

Can I use these colorants with other resins?

These pigments were specifically formulated for the Resin Obsession super clear resin. While customers have had success using them with other resin brands, we cannot guarantee they will work with every brand of resin.

How long do I have to use these colors?

For the best results, we recommend using the pigments within one year of purchase.

It looks like my colors are separating.  Is this normal?

Like paint, sometimes the pigments will settle to the bottom of the container.  Simply open the top of the container and use a craft stick or stir stix to remix the contents.

Print this Resin Obsession color pigments FAQ and have it handy when you use the pigments to color your resin.

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13 thoughts on “Resin Obsession color pigments FAQ

  1. buen día, yo recibo boletines continuamente de ustedes, por esta razón me atrevo a preguntar porque mis figuras de resina cuando las saco del molde, la parte que queda contra el molde sale opaco mientras la superficie es absolutamente brillante, podrían ayudarme, gracias, elian

  2. Do u have a preference between the pearl ex powder and the alumidust? Also have u tried any off the stampede products and have pictures?

    1. I think the Pearl Ex and Alumidust work equally well. They each have their own color shades, so for me at least, it comes down to the exact color I want to use. I have not used the Stampede products.

  3. I do abstract acrylic paintings I would like to get a high sheen on them. Resin seems to be the way to go although I know an artist that uses kitchen linoleum products
    What kind of resin? What is most economical way to do this
    I have had breast cancer and want to beside using it

  4. Hello I wrote asking if I could represent your company in western Canada as there is no one in the West whom sells pigments and I heard and of course saw how beautiful there are. I know I would have to order quite a bit. Would you allow me to do this

    1. Hi Helen, if you can send us a message through our contact page, we will be happy to talk to you about this further. 🙂

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