Resin casting with backless bezels

casting resin in backless bezels

backless bezels

Recently, Nunn Design sent me some of their new backless bezels for me to try out with resin.  Umm.  Okay.  Twist my arm.  I had a chance earlier this week to give them a try.

backless bezels with resinn

I placed the bezels onto the sticky side of masking tape.  I mixed Resin Obsession super clear resin to include in the bezels.  I grabbed a few materials I had handy including some Christmas glitter, hearts printed onto transparency acetate, punched gift cards and acetate wrapping paper.

I mixed and poured the resin while on a Resin Obsession Facebook page live broadcast.  The replay is at the end of this post if you would like to view it.

resin cured backless bezels on tape

After letting the resin cure overnight, here are my results.

No resin ran out underneath the bezel.  That’s always a win!  Everything cured as expected.

When I was pouring these live on Facebook, I had a few questions later on how to keep the resin from leaking out.  Two suggestions:

1. Use good quality tape.  The adhesive on the cheap stuff won’t hold well.
2. Press the bezels firmly onto the tape several times.  You want to make sure you have a good seal around the entire bezel.

It also helped that these are good quality bezels.  The walls are thick and sturdy and made good contact with the tape.

peeling a backless bezel away from tape

Once the resin cures, you can pull it away from the tape.

backless bezel filled with resin and a matte finish

On a technical note, you should know that when you do this, the surface of the resin that cures on the tape side will have a matte finish.  You can see it here because the resin is clear.  You have a few options to fix this:

1. Dome some resin on the backside — like you are glazing.  This will give the back a glossy finish.
2. Sand the back of the piece to remove the matte finish.  End with a 1000 grit or higher sandpaper.
3. Cast a colored resin in the bezel first so it clearly tells the user its the back of the charm.  Most people won’t even notice the back isn’t shiny and will assume it’s a part of your artistic vision.  🙂

On another note, I didn’t intend to put the heart in sideways.  It was a little poor planning on my part.  Whoops.

backless bezels with resin and glitter

Overall, I’m very happy with how they turned out.

What do you think?  What would you cast in these backless bezels?

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Just thought a note to say you can get the sticky off the back of the bezel using a spray that removes sticky plasters! It’s great getting the sticky stuff off. It leaves a shine finish with no residue. Hope this helps yr future projects.

Katherine Swift

Thanks so much for sharing Shirley. These bezels didn’t have a sticky residue on the back, although I know some tapes can leave it. This sounds like a good thing to try if it happens.


I use a lot of backless bezels and don’t mind the matte finish on the back. In my mind, it adds an interesting texture component to the finished piece.

Janette Watt

Want to cast a no-bezel free standing cube. What material can I use as a mold for the sculpture. Once the 3×3 inch cube is cured I want to have it clear like water

Katherine Swift

No, unfortunately it doesn’t. What exactly are you wanting to do in bezels? I’m happy to help.


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