Dichroic glass lookalike pendants – make resin look like dichroic glass

How to make lookalike dichroic glass jewelry with resin

I love the look of dichroic glass.  Since I’m not a glass expert, I found a way to make dichroic glass lookalike pendants with resin.

Step 1:  Create the transparency art

transparency for resin pendants







I used photoshop to take clip art and make them into black and white images.  I then printed these images onto plain paper and took them to my local copy store where I had copies made onto a clear transparency.

Hint:  Use a color printer to print the original black and white paper copy.  You will get a richer black color that will copy darker onto the transparency.

Step 2:  Cut the transparency to fit your jewelry blank.

punch heart transparency








To cut the transparencies, I used a one inch round hole punch to match up with the 1 inch round silver bezels used for this tutorial.

Step 3:  Cut iridescent papers

dichroic glass paper
















Next, I cut a square of iridescent paper.  You can get this paper from crafting stores, or sometimes you can find it in the gift wrap section of a major department store.  Smoosh it up between your fingers to give it a crinkled appearance.  This will help it reflect more light and give it the dichroic glass look.

Step 4:  Fit the papers to the jewelry blank

iridescent papers






Trim the iridescent papers as necessary to match the size of the pendant.  Place them in the bezel to make sure they will fit well.  You want to do this before you mix your resin because you don’t want to waste time while the resin is mixed (and curing!).

Step 5:  Add resin to the pendant

resin in pendant tray










Place a SMALL amount of mixed Resin Obsession crystal doming resin in the bottom of the pendant tray.  You only need enough to cover the bottom and act like a glue.  Then, use a toothpick or stir utensil to push the resin around the bottom of the pendant.  You don’t need much resin here because you want to leave room to dome more resin once you are finished.

If you have never mixed resin before, here’s help:  how to mix resin and hardener in five easy steps.

Step 6:  Add the papers

papers in resin









Place the iridescent papers on the resin in the pendant.  You will probably need two to three pieces to completely cover the pendant and prevent seeing the pendant back.  Dot in more resin to act as glue as necessary.

Step 7:  Add the transparency cover

transparency in resin









Here’s where the dichroic glass lookalike pendants come to life!  After dipping your cut transparency into your resin cup (to help prevent trapped bubbles underneath), gently place it over top of the iridescent papers in the bezel cup.  Do this on an angle to let bubbles escape to one side.  Once you have your transparency placed where you want it, drop a bit more resin on top to create a resin dome.  Cover and allow to cure for 48 hours.

Step 8:  Hang the pendants

resin dichroic glass pendants







Hang your new pendant on a colorful cord and wear it with style!


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9 thoughts on “Dichroic glass lookalike pendants – make resin look like dichroic glass

  1. Ooohhhh! I can hardly wait to try this one! What a nifty idea and I love the transparency with the crinkled fancy shiny stuff. Must go try it NOW! Thanks, Katherine.

  2. I finally found some dichroic paper that is already cut in small pieces. I bought some wrapping paper that was only a buck made of the same stuff. I’m going to try these tonight if time permits. You did a wonderful job with yours and explained it well. Thanks. I was wondering if I could use the Resin you sell for casting. You answered that. I really am looking forward to trying this. I will post pics and hopefully they will look good and set up and harden. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Yours turned out great. I’m planning on making some tonight. I finally found the dichroic paper and some that was already shredded up. I am also happy to know I can use it in the castings with your resin for casting. I will post pics. Keeping my fingers crossed that these harden and look half as good as yours.

  4. I finally got to try this. Not too sure if it will set up and harden. I have a couple in silver bezels and four in the silicone molds I got from Resin Obsession. The cabason molds with four in them. It is harder than it looks. Only time will tell if these harden and are usable. I’m learning so much from your great tutorials. I will post pics either way they turn out.

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