Fall in Love with Making a Bottle Cap Ring

How to make a bottle cap ringI love wearing rings. It’s one of those times when I can see and enjoy a piece of jewelry that I’m wearing. It’s a little hard to do that with earrings unless you’re super flexible. Here’s the cool part. You can get a blank ring that has the bottle cap already attached. Then, you add resin.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

To make your bottle cap ring, you’re going to need a bottle cap ring finding.

Finding? Like I didn’t know I lost anything.

Yeah. It’s a weird term that I have no explanation for where it came from. But findings is a catch-all term for empty or unused jewelry pieces before you use them. Like jewelry pendants and glue-on bails are also jewelry findings.

Step 1: Get your bottle cap ring

We don’t sell these in our store, but you can get them here. It’s the same one I’m using.

Step 2: Color the resin

adding pearl ex to resin

To make this ring, I used mixed, leftover from a different project.

Pro tip:  Any clear resin will work.  I wanted the resin base to have some color, so I mixed in Reflex Violet pearl ex powder.  A little powder goes a long way.

Step 3:  Fill the ring with resin

pouring resin in bezel

Carefully pour the epoxy resin into the bottle cap bezel. You’re not going to need much.

Pro tip: Your ring needs to sit flat, otherwise your resin won’t cure level. I cut a slit from an old food container to set the ring into.

Step 4:  Embellish the surface

crystal stickers

To give some visual interest you can add beads, stickers, or other cute stuff once the resin is partially cured. I used crystals from the craft section of the dollar store. They are flat-backed and have an adhesive side.

place crystals onto ring

Very carefully place the crystal stickers onto the semi-cured resin. (For this resin, it was about 2 hours after mixing. You will need to wait until the resin is like taffy, otherwise, your crystals will sink.)

Adjust the placement a tiny bit if necessary. Be careful with this step because if you introduce bubbles you won’t get them out once the resin is gel.

Now, let the resin cure.

Step 5:  Enjoy your finished bottle cap ring!

bottle cap ring

Now you’ve got the perfect dainty bottle cap ring that brings art to your fingers. No bottle opener required.

Want to make jewelry with resin but overwhelmed with where to start?

That’s why I wrote the book, Resin Jewelry Making.  It gives aspiring resin crafters the roadmap to create jewelry with resin that is good enough to gift or even sell.  Buy the book now and get a download link to your email in minutes.

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