How to Make Boho Chic Earrings with Resin

DIY boho chic earrings

Wondering how to make boho earrings?  What if I told you that you can easily make them with resin?!

I wouldn’t kid you about something like that.

Now, your next question is probably exactly how we’re going to make boho earrings with resin.  I’m so glad you asked!

Resin Supplies list:

Boho chic silicone resin earrings mold
Resin Obsession super clear resin
Mixing Cups
Safety Gloves
Stirring Sticks
Pearl Ex powdered pigments
Acrylic paint
Fine Glitter
Jump rings and ear wires

Step 1: Color the mold

dusting a mold with powder

Dust the molds with the Pearl Ex powder.  Be sure to dust the mold details completely.  Once finished, tap out any excess powder.

Step 2:  Fill with resin

pouring clear resin into a boho earrings mold

Mix 1/2 ounce total of super clear resin, then pour into the molds.  Go over the surface of the resin with a heat gun to remove bubbles before letting the resin fully cure.  This takes 24 hours.

If mixing resin is new to you, be sure to check out my guide on how to mix resin in five easy steps.

Step 3:  Demold

demolding resin earring

Once the resin earrings are fully dry, peel the mold away and lift out your earrings.

Hey, did you notice how the color brushed onto the surface of the boho earrings mold colored the resin?  That’s just one of the cool things about using pearl ex powders with resin.

Step 4:  Highlight detail

highlight resin with paint

Now here’s where this part of how to make boho earrings gets super fun!

Choose an acrylic paint color that nicely contrasts your resin color and brush it over the entire resin surface.  Then, wipe over the surface of the resin earrings with a paper towel.  Because the holes of the earrings are rather small, you may need to repeat this process a few times to make sure all the holes are filled.

paint differences between earrings

Technical note:  The earring on the left was wiped with a paper towel while the earring on the left was dabbed with a paper towel.  I think they both look great, but it comes down to your personal preference on how much paint color you want on your resin earrings.

Step 5:  Add glitter

This step of how to make boho earrings is completely optional, but I find the glitter adds some extra pizazz.  While the paint is still wet, lightly sprinkle glitter over the earrings.  Let the paint dry.

Step 6:  Attach findings

Add jump rings and ear wires to the resin earrings to make them wearable.

Aren’t these boho chic earrings fabulous?

boho resin earrings

I love how the earring molds give texture to the resin.  Add a little bit of glitter, and WOW!

boho chic resin earrings

These earrings look like they’ve been inlaid with stones, especially the bronze and turquoise pair at the top left.  I can’t wait to wear them!

See how I made these boho earrings in under two minutes!

How are you going to make your boho earrings?

Want to try making resin jewelry but unsure where to start?

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