4 Ideas For Making A Resin Jewelry Box

DIY jewelry box with resinDid you know you can make a jewelry box with resin?

I wouldn’t kid you about something like that.

And you can do it without any resin experience. All you need is a resin for crafts, a silicone resin jewelry box mold, and your imagination.

Here are four different resin jewelry box ideas you can make this afternoon.

Steps for all resin jewelry boxes:

Step 1: How much resin do you need?

Determine the amount of resin you need for your mold. We have a resin calculator to help you with this step. But, it doesn’t account for the hollow center of the box. You’ll need to use the resin calculator to calculate the inner volume, then subtract it from your total volume.

Your other option is to pour water into both parts of the mold. Then, pour the water into a measuring cup. Measure the ounces of water. That will give you an idea of how much resin you need for your jewelry box.

Step 2: Prep the mold

Apply a light mist of resin mold release to your mold. This will make getting the box out of the mold easier once it’s cured.

Step 3: Mix the resin

Measure and mix your resin. Since I made several of these at once, I wanted to use a clear casting resin that would blend bubble-free in large volumes. I used the Resin Obsession deep pour casting resin for all four of these projects. You can mix between three ounces and three gallons at a time and pour in depths of up to two inches at once.

Otherwise, if you’re only making one box, you’ll want to use the Resin Obsession super clear resin. It’s great for mold projects of 3 ounces or less of mixed resin.

If you have never mixed resin before, you will want to read this article on measuring and mixing epoxy resin in five easy steps.

Step 4:  Warm the Mold

Use a heat gun to warm up the mold before pouring the resin. By warming the mold, you will trap fewer bubbles at the bottom and sides of the mold.

Step 5:  Partially fill with resin

Pour some resin into each part of the mold for your jewelry box. Of course, you will want to leave room for whatever you’re going to include. (Hang on — those resin jewelry box ideas are coming up!)

💡 Pro tip: Pour a little bit of resin into each part of the trinket box mold, then roll the resin around the mold. This will break the surface tension and make it easier for bubbles to escape.

Step 6:  Add items

Insert your additions to your resin and mold. For all the resin jewelry box ideas I’m sharing below, I’m not including anything that requires sealing. But, if you want to include papers or anything else that changes when wet, you must seal them first. This article explains how: How to seal papers for resin.

Step 7:  Finish filling

Top off your resin trinket boxes with more resin. Overfill the mold slightly as your resin will shrink as it cures.

Step 8: Check for bubbles

If you find one trapped in your resin, use your stick to help draw it to the top. Going over the top of the resin with a heat gun will pop the surface bubbles.

Step 9: Let cure

Cover your silicone molds filled with resin with a container to keep dust and hair off while it cures. You also want to be sure your resin jewelry box can stay undisturbed for the entire time.

Step 10: Demold

Peel your jewelry boxes from their silicone resin molds. If you find this step tricky, you can pour soapy between the mold and cured resin to help.

Step 11: Finish edges

Use wet/dry sandpaper to sand away any sharp edges on your resin jewelry box. You want to be sure it doesn’t scratch a surface like a dresser or a nightstand.

Now that you’ve got the necessary steps, here are four variations to your resin jewelry box project:

Now that you’ve got the necessary steps, here are four variations to your resin jewelry box project:

Option 1: Fill the mold with complimentary colored glass beads.
Option 2: Cut up recycled gift cards and add them to the resin.
Option 3: Cut up iridescent papers and add to the resin.
Option 4: Color the resin transparent red, then add pearl powder.

Use this to color the bottom of the resin trinket box. Add foil stickers to the clear lid of the trinket box.

Imagine creating something with resin that has people oohing and aahing.

I promise — you can do it!  All you need is the roadmap to understand resin and make it work for you.  It’s why I wrote the ebook, Resin Fundamentals.  Go from frustrated to fabulous with resin in only an afternoon.

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5 thoughts on “4 Ideas For Making A Resin Jewelry Box

  1. I have these molds and made a few trinket boxes with lids, but the lids are difficult to remove because they are slick. I want to add a bead (glass or resin) to the top of the lid to make removing it easier. Hot glue didn’t work. Any suggestions? Super glue? resin as glue? Thank you

    1. Hi Linda, I’m not sure I understand what’s going on. Are you having a hard time getting the lids to remove from the boxes once cured?

  2. You mentioned if you have trouble removing them from the mold, you can pour “soapy” in between the mold and the cured resin. Did you mean to say “soapy WATER”? Just to clarify…

  3. I used the spray mold release and found out that it had left residue on the mold the next time I poured a new mold leaving a cloudy mark behind so it kind of wrecked the cast.

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