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How to make a resin necklace – cute DIY necklace

resin necklace by Mylene Hillam Supply list: Quick-curing polyurethane resin Alcohol Inks in red and blue shades Silicone Butterfly Ice cube tray Silver beading wire or tiger tail Silver beading supplies:  8 silver crazy wire beads, 2 silver wire guardians, 2 silver split rings, 2 silver crimp tubes, 2 silver crimp covers, Silver clasp 1oz graduated measuring cups Disposable acid brushes Emery... Read more »

Casting butterfly wings in resin – using butterfly wings in resin

casting butterfly wings in resin by Zell Lee If you are interested in casting butterfly wings in resin, there are a few things you need to know first.  Butterfly wings can be a little tough to use in resin, but with some preparation and planning your projects will come out amazing! Wondering where to get them for your next project? ... Read more »

Wire and resin jewelry tutorial – Using wire to make resin jewelry

wire and resin jewelry tutorial

Metal wire and resin jewelry tutorial One of the neat things (or disastrous things) about resin is that it will stick to almost anything.  If you don’t have any resin molds, but want to make resin jewelry, a little bit of wire will help you get it done. Step 1 For this tutorial, I am… Read more »

How to make resin beads – DIY beads with resin

How to make beads with resin

Use your leftover resin to make resin beads I hate wasting resin.  Even if it’s only a little bit, I still like to find a use for it.  My latest resin experiment involved making my own resin beads. I had approximately 10 cc of leftover mixed resin. Color and pour the resin Add colorant as… Read more »

Finding options for resin jewelry – how to make resin charms wearable

Finding options for resin jewelry

What are finding options for resin jewelry? You have made a beautiful resin charm. How do you turn it into a piece of wearable jewelry? That’s where jewelry findings come into play. What are jewelry findings? Jewelry findings are a generic term for the unfinished components you can use to assemble jewelry. They can come… Read more »

How to resin flowers – make a resin pendant with dried flowers

How to resin flowers

How to use flowers in resin jewelry Originally written June 2013.  Updated May 2020. I love using flowers in jewelry.  It seems so natural, and I love the final result.  This tutorial is going to show you how to resin flowers in a bezel pendant with a colorful background accent.   Supplies needed for this… Read more »

Resin rings DIY – Cute resin ring project

Side view of two rings with gold mandala designs on deep purple resin background - text overlar reads: Indian Princess Inspired Resin Rings India-Inspired Resin Ring Tutorial by Penny Reid This resin rings DIY made with Indian-inspired tattoos are about as unique as they come. You’ll have people’s eyebrows furrowing as they try and figure out just how you made them! STEP 1 Prepare your rings. Take some blank rings with some depth (doesn’t have to be much)... Read more »

What can I put in resin jewelry? Things to include in resin jewelry

what can I put in resin jewelry

If you are asking yourself what can I put in resin jewelry, you are going to love what you can make with resin!  There are so many things that can get put in resin to give it your own creative spin.  The possibilities are endless! Here are ten of my favorite things to include in… Read more »