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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Sarah:

      1. What is the best mold making material to use for stick succulent branchesor other organic materials
      2. how can I paint on organic materials like seed pods already sprayed with Kryolon.painted with golden acrylic gold leaf added. I don’t want to make a mold I just want to hardent the seed pods to use as earrings.
      3) I am drying orgnanic material-sliced cucumbers- in silica and then want to paint resin on it. same with snap pea pods. should I use a pigment on them to heighten color?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sarah,

      I would say most any molding material would work, as I don’t expect the branches to be retaining much moisture. It is a detail to verify though, when you decide on your exact molding material.

      Since the seed pods have already been sprayed with an acrylic spray and it worked well, I would spray them with another layer of acrylic spray. You could then paint on them with an acrylic paint if desired.

      I don’t have a lot of experience with dried vegetables in resin and cannot tell you how much a dye would help. Regardless, you will need to seal the vegetables before applying the resin, otherwise, they will take up ‘water’stains. This is the product I recommend:

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      I first I sprayed with Krylon spray, then painted with arcrylic paint, added gold or silver leaf and then painted with resin. I had mixed results as sometime it pooled as I am not using a mold but it does stiffen the coral seed pods very nicely. Sometime the resin pooled up to much and while it was curing that seemed the time to remove the extra resin. Is there any way to make the resin less viscose. I also was thinking of using the beautiful red seed pods from the coral tree on their natural seed pods as well. The resin I am using does mention I can set stone in it so I imagine one can do the same with the red seeds. Would you spray with a Kryllon spray first and then use just a dab of resin to set the seeds.

      The other thing I am wondering is afterwards to spray a mat finish as the resin is such a high gloss. Any thought on this.

      I tried drying cucumber in a mixture of borax and sand but I realize the cucumber slices were too thin and they need to be thicker slices. What would be best to use silica gel or pellets. Any good source of silica at a good price?

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      Katherine Swift

      You can use a less viscous resin, but it isn’t going to stick to the surface as well. Perhaps a drying mat like this would be helpful to you:

      I would use the spray on the seeds, allow to fully dry, then use in resin.

      I have used silica gel to dry flowers, but don’t know if it will dry cucumber slices. I was able to find them online fairly reasonably priced.

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