Silicone mold casting

silicone mold casting


Five tips for casting resin in silicone molds

by Tania of House of Molds

1. Wear gloves when handling molds and pouring resin.  Not only do they keep you safe from resin, but they also prevent fingerprints inside the molds.  Sometimes these fingerprints can show up on your resin castings.  Note:  The more glossy the mold surface, the easier it is to leave a visible fingerprint on the mold.

2.  Be sure your mold is clean before casting.  You do not want any dust or resin from a previous casting inside the cavity.  These will cast onto your piece.

3.  Take care when positioning your mold.  If your casting table has a rough surface or a non level top, your resin piece could be uneven, despite using a perfect mold and top quality resin.  You can best prepare a crafting surface for your molds by using a bubble level to check your table levelness.

4.  Do not overfill the mold, as to prevent a lot of excess sanding once your piece is finished.  In case of resin voids, you can make a second resin pouring anytime by following these rules

*make it when your resin is still at gel stage

*Use the same brand of resin

*pour the next layer before demolding

5.  For help when demolding, gently press the mold then add a drop of soapy water inside.  Press again and push the object out from the bottom of the mold.  This will make resin extraction from the mold easy and quick.

What other questions do you have about silicone mold casting?

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Jim Wilson

Hi, I would like a teardrop shaped mold to produce a pendant.
I wish to embed a piece of exotic wood in the teardrop.
How can I make or find a mold that will not have a seam as when 2 halves are joined?

Do you have such a mold I can buy?

Jim Wilson

Hi Katherine;
A 3D teardrop would be first choice.

I see how a flat backed pendant could be a one piece mold, easier for pouring?

Will a wooden artifact float in the resin, or stay where it is placed?


Ronald Ainaire

That depends on the weight of the wood. I find it best to weight the pc of wood down. use a toothpick with some weight on the outside of the mold.

Fran Hayworth

Could you tell me where I can buy silicone molds for resin jewellery (bracelet in particular) in South Africa?


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