How to insert eye pin into resin – using eyepins for resin

How to use eye pins with resin charms

You’ve made some awesome resin charms.  How do you turn them into something you can wear?  One way to make your resin charms wearable is to add an eye pin.  If you’re asking yourself, how to insert eye pin into resin, then keep reading!

To use eye pins with resin charms, you will need:

*A drill such as a flex shaft or a Dremel tool
*Drill bits in sizes that match your eye pin stem sizes
*Safety glasses

Before getting started, always wear safety glasses and tie back long hair when working with power tools.

Step 1: Mark the drill hole

Use a felt tip marker to mark where you are going to drill.

Step 2: Drill a small hole

Drill a hole with a drill bit that is smaller than your stem. Insert the stem of the eye pin into the hole, twisting the pin so that it ‘grabs’ onto the sides of the hole. The eye pin should fit tightly.

If it is too tight, drill with the next size larger drill bit.

There are two reasons why I do this:

1. It’s always easier to enlarge a hole rather than make it smaller.
2. If you have a large hole to drill, you will create a lot of heat. This can cause your piece to soften and change shape.

Step 3: Remove any excess ink

In case you can see the dot you made with the pen, rub it clean with rubbing alcohol. You can also remove it with a polishing cloth meant for cleaning metal jewelry.

Step 4: Secure the eye pin

To make sure the eye pin does not come out of the hole, apply a couple of dots of mixed resin or E-6000. Set it aside for 24 hours to fully dry.

Step 5: Finish the charm

All you need to do now is put in a jump ring so you can wear your charm.

Want more help on how to add an eye pin to resin charms? This video will help:

So what do you do if you don’t have the equipment to drill resin?

You can always use glue-on bails with your resin charms.  All you need is to apply a dot of mixed resin or E-6000 to bring the two pieces together.

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  1. That is a super tiny eye pin! I’ve seen people use (hardware store) screw eyes and they look so thick and clumsy. This really small eye pin is delicate and I appreciate that you gave the drill bit size (#68). Thank you!

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