Resin mold hacks – How to use silly bandz as resin molds

silly bandz resin molds

This is one of my favorite resin mold hacks.

silly bandz and masking tape

If you have kids (or know them), at some point you have probably come across the silly bandz bracelets.  They are pieces of silicone in a specific shape that can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet.  In this tutorial, I will show you how they can be used as a mold for your resin!

Resin supplies list:

Step 1

silly band on masking tape

Pull off a piece of masking tape.  Carefully press down one of your silly bands onto the sticky side.  Make sure to firmly press all the way around so resin won’t leak out.

Step 2

pouring resin into silly bandz

Mix your resin according to label directions.  Add pigments or inclusions as desired.  Pour resin into your silly band mold, being careful not to overpour.  Use a toothpick to draw the resin out to the edge of your band if necessary.

Step 3

getting bubbles out of resin by blowing through a straw

Use a straw to lightly blow over the top to remove any bubbles.  Be careful not to inhale the resin!  Then, allow to cure.

Step 4

peeling a silly band away from a resin charm

Once your resin pieces have cured, peel the silly band and resin away from the masking tape.  Trim or sand away any excess resin as needed.

resin charms

Enjoy your finished resin charms!

resin cat

Just a few of my personal notes about the finished charms:

I think these would be great to include in other castings, like coasters, switchplate covers, etc.

The castings end up being thin (approximately 3 to 4 mm).  If they are going to be in a situation where they could get bent (suncatcher, ornament, etc.), I would include some kind of metal brace on the back.  My suggestion would be scrap sheet brass or brass wire 20 to 24 gauge thick.  It would make it harder for them to bend.  If you’re going to use these as wall decorations, the brace is probably unnecessary.

What are some of your favorite resin mold hacks?

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