Painting on resin – Can you paint on resin?

Can you paint on resin?


paint supplies for resin

In my goal of experimenting more with resin this year, I realized that I have never painted on resin.  I’ve been told it can be done, and I’m aware that a lot of you readers have done it, but I never have.  *shocking*  I decided to take my clear Star Wars resin castings from a couple of weeks ago and apply some acrylic paint to them.

first coat of white

I picked up a set of inexpensive acrylic paints and paintbrushes from the craft store and got busy.

R2D2 resin casting

While I had every intention of painting these castings to look like their real characters, I realized I wouldn’t be able to use all the colors.  Not only that, but I wouldn’t be able to express my artistic vision.

Needless to say, my children’s heads exploded when they saw the new colors.  I told them that they are characters from the new movie.  (Yes, I realize I will pay for that later….)


first layer of paint


After the first layer of paint, you could still see lots of streaks and clear behind it.  I let them dry for a couple of hours before applying the second coat.

second layer of paint

The second layer definitely looks better and was probably enough for darker colors like red and black.

third coat of paint


The third coat of paint was a help, especially for the white.


scratched paint on resin

So here is what I learned about painting on resin:

  1. Yes, it can be done.  The acrylic paint stuck to the resin without any problems.
  2. You can scratch the paint off if you want to.  Useful if you make a mistake, but not helpful if these are going to be ‘high contact’ pieces.  I would only suggest doing this if you were going to use them as wall decorations or something similar, not jewelry.
  3. My painting technique is heinous.  I left lots of streaks on the pieces.  Learning how to properly use paint and a paintbrush is essential to make this look good.

I do have to wonder…  With as much white paint as I had to use on the stormtrooper, I wonder if you could use primer on these first?

If you want to learn more about painting on resin, this article will help:  how to paint on resin

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17 thoughts on “Painting on resin – Can you paint on resin?

    1. I put a drop of paint in my resin before pouring … would work wonderfully for the peices that have alot of space the same color

  1. I would use white or a matching colored Krylon spray paint for a base, then paint over that, then a clear acrylic coat. Or use an opaque resin to start with.

  2. Try using magic markers to color with, they come in a lot of great colors, except white of course. Their is also paint pens for that.

  3. Perhaps not in this specific situation but from a jewelry perspective one could use a paint product called Swellegant. This product would be used to give the jewelry piece a look of metal.

  4. I use resin that dries opaque white. I paint mine using Americana acrylic paints or airbrushing with acrylics. I also use liquid pearls for eyes, buttons and other details. I finish every piece of resin with an Acrylic high gloss spray. It hides minor flaws like a streak and gives the piece a nice finished look. I don’t know how my method would work for jewelry as I make resin cabochons for Bow making, scrapbooking and magnets.

  5. They don’t look bad to me,but then one of the reasons I craft is that I can’t paint or draw any better than most 6 year olds! I think another light coat of resin or some kind of sealer ( polyurethane?) would be a great idea.

  6. I use natural materials, leaves bark etc in my art work. First I coat the material with white school glue after it dries I paint them with resin one side, let it dry and then the second side. Then I use oil paints to proceed with my work. I have a work in progress now using leaves.

  7. I tried painting a resin piece with acrylic paint and the coverage wasn’t what I expected. Next I uses 1-shot enamel paint and it covered like a dream

  8. Have you try primers from citadel paints. They are paints for plastic figurines. Other stuff I would try is Gesso. Gesso can be bought in most art shops. Transparent or white. It works like adhesive with bonus you can paint over with almost an medium you can imagine.

    1. Hi Kris, I’m sorry to read the frustration in your comment. I don’t see your email address on our mailing list. Could you have us confused with another company?

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