Glitter keychain tutorial

Glitter key chain tutorial

How to make a bling key chain with glitter and Judikins Diamond Glaze

I am a big believer in that the simplest answer (or solution) is usually the best.  When it was time this past week to make my favorite 5 year old princess something special to give to her when I see her in a few days, glitter is always a good choice.  I’m like a moth to a flame when I’m in any large store with a crafting section, so on a recent craft outing, I bought several blank, wooden cutout key chains.  While I love resin, it hit me that I could make this glittery glam for her in like … no time … using Judikins Diamond Glaze.

glitter key chain crafting supplies

I scoured my glitter collection (yes, I collect glitters) and picked three I thought would go well together.

apply glue to a wooden keychain

I brushed two layers of Ultra Seal Sealant and glue to the lower level of the wooden crown keychain.  I did two layers to make sure I had a thick coating.

applying glitter to glue

Gently shake your favorite color of Stampendous microglitter over the wet glue.

glitter and glue on crown

I sprinkled glitter on the ‘lower level’ of the crown.  After it dried for several hours, I applied glue onto the dots of the crown, crown base and heart.  I then sprinkled glitter on them as well.  I let the crown dry overnight before going onto the next step.

apply diamond glaze to glitter surface

After shaking off the excess glitter, I applied the diamond glaze to the surface.  Note:  If you’re used to using a doming resin, you will want to be careful using diamond glaze.  It isn’t as thick and will run off the sides of the key chain if you apply too much.

diamond glaze crown keychain

This is what the pendant looked like after the first layer of diamond glaze.  After it dried, it wasn’t as thick as I wanted, so I applied a second layer.  (It takes approximately 6 hours to completely dry.)  By the way, if you haven’t used Diamond Glaze before, there is a short video on the Resin Obsession youtube channel showing How to use Diamond Glaze.

glitter key chain finished with diamond glaze

As you can see, the key chain dried with a glossy finish.  Imagine the possibilities for future projects!  Here are some other things you can decorate:

  • Letter cutouts to be hung on a wall
  • Picture frames
  • Wooden blocks

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