Kawaii resin tutorial – How to make Kawaii resin charms

How to make kawaii resin charms
resin supplies

Kawaii resin tutorial

by Jasmine Moore

Resin supplies needed for this tutorial:

Resin Obsession super clear resin
-Plastic resin cabochon mold
Stirring utensils
Measuring cups
Mold Release

Do you know what you need more of in your life? Kawaii resin.  You also know what you need more of?  Spooky Kawaii resin!  Luckily, you are getting both in this project! You also get glitter, which you can never have too much of either.

To start, before you get your stickers or heat up your resin, prep your mold, and protect your surface. Follow the instructions on the mold release.  My go-to is the Castin’ Craft Mold Release.  To protect my table, I used a large piece of cardboard.

Now onto the fun part!

stickers for resinStep 1:  Test your sticker arrangement

First and foremost, you should test out the position of your stickers before you place them in the resin to make sure you have an arrangement you like. Once you have that, move it over to a surface that you can easily remove them from. Luckily, one of my sticker packs came on a clear plastic sheet, so I placed my arrangements on the back of it.

Remember, you will be working ‘backward’ when you place the stickers into your resin.

mixing resin

resin moldStep 2:  Mix the resin

For my mold, which is mold 430, I know that two circles will take 30mL to fill, so for the first layer, I am mixing 15mL and splitting it between the two. Because I absolutely want everything as clear and sturdy as can be, I’m using Resin Obsession super clear resin.

kawaii resin in mold

Step 3:  Insert the stickers

Let the resin sit for a couple of minutes until it thickens. The reason for this is to stop the stickers from curling up and poking through the surface  It also keeps them from sinking down if you get them too deep. Mine actually did that, so I had to rescue the stickers and that of course left bubbles in the resin. Stickers can be quite tricky to put in resin, but they are pretty easy to get the hang of, so don’t be discouraged!

Since the first pour of the resin will be the top of the piece, you will need to place the stickers in the resin front side down.  This is why it’s helpful to arrange your stickers ahead of time so you know exactly how to place them into the resin.
glitter and resin castings

Step 4:  Apply a second layer of resin

Let that sit for another couple of minutes until you can poke the surface and it is a soft set and doesn’t stick to your utensil or glove. Once that’s done, it’s time to mix up the second batch of resin. This time, I’m mixing two different colors of resin, so I am mixing 7.5mL of resin, but if you are using the same color for both, then mix 15mL and divide it. Once it’s mixed, pour it on top! The resin will cure together and will fuse together to make one solid piece. You could let the first layer cure completely, but I didn’t feel like doing so for this project, so I didn’t wait and didn’t’ affect the project at all.
kawaii resin

Step 5:  Demold

Once cured, simply unmold, sand, gloss, and admire your lovely work! I find the most common themes in “Kawaii” items are glitter, things with faces on them, and food, so I tried to incorporate those all into my project today. You can really find some adorable stickers and things online to use in your projects, but I had pretty good luck finding my items in the craft section of my store. Happy Crafting with this kawaii resin tutorial!

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7 thoughts on “Kawaii resin tutorial – How to make Kawaii resin charms

  1. I thought kawaii meant cute, and everything is supposed to look child-like. I always associated kawaii with Hello kitty and Sanrio. Thank you for all your tutorials. Im going through countless videos and trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can from your expertise

  2. Hello! It can seem a stupid question. But I was wondering; can you put any kind of stickers in resin and if yes are there some tips in particular? because I know that there are the specific version on sell as well so I was wondering if there is a difference

  3. I want to make a sticker bomb tumbler and cover it with resin. Can I just cover the cup with stickers then apply the resin on top? Another option I’ve considered is applying a thin coat of resin to the tumbler first then put the stickers on and cover with resin.

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