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Rainbow resin bracelet DIYA tutorial giving you resin bracelet ideas

by Penny Reid

rainbow hearts resin bracelet tutorial

Confession, I have a bit of an obsession with hearts! No matter what I’m creating I am always drawn to incorporate a heart. Also, living in a cold climate for most of the year, it can get pretty grey, so I also crave colour. This next project was a natural for me … a “Rainbow Heart Bracelet”

I wanted the colours to be intense and sharp and what’s better than paint chips for deep true colours? I visited my local hardware store that has a sea of walls with paint chips where you are welcomed to take some home – ostensibly for checking if a colour fits your home décor – but I’m sure they didn’t mind me taking a few for other purposes. It’s all in the name of heart art!

paint chips


Choose your colours. I was going for a rainbow, but you could do one colour, two colours, etc.

applying mod podge to paint chips with a foam brush

Lay them on a sheet of wax paper and cover them with modge podge to get them ready for resining. Cover each side (front and back) three times with modge podge, waiting at least 15 to 60 minutes between each coat.

punched out hearts
pile of punched out hearts


Once you have completed the modge podge step you can punch them out. Again you can use whatever shape you wish, for me I used a small heart punch.

gluing two heart pieces together


Paint chips are white on the back of course and for this project you will see both sides of the heart so I glued two hearts together. Then I modge podged the sides so that when I resin there was not a chance that any would leak through and stain the paper. You can’t seal enough when working with paper and resin!

doming resin on paper heartsresin applied to paper hearts


I placed them on a Resin Obsession Drying Mat and used Castin’ Craft Easycast Clear Casting Epoxy because it’s the best resin for creating a bit of a dome. Also because they are so small and pouring the resin required a great deal of accuracy, I put the resin in a squeeze bottle which gave me more control.

resin mistakes

Because this work is a little fussy, I totally counted on some not working out, and of course some did not!  They were either overpoured or flipped when I spread the resin with my toothpick, and here they are…

drilling resin hearts with a dremel tool


Use a dremel with a 3/64 inch bit to drill a small hole in each piece.

rainbow heart bracelet diy


I already had a double chain bracelet that was just waiting for some charms. I added my resin hearts to it with 1.20 mm open jump rings and done!

What do you think of my resin bracelet ideas?  Would you use this shape or color or something else?

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