3 Things To Know Before Buying Cheap Epoxy Resin

what you need to know about the cheapest epoxy resinLet’s get to it. You’re here because you’re looking for cheap epoxy resin. And why wouldn’t you? I’ve yet to meet an artist that wasn’t (a lot) thrifty in some way.

But, I’m guessing you’ve also heard the phrase, ‘You get what you pay for.’

And that’s what happens when you buy cheap epoxy resin. Not to mention you get a few things you hadn’t bargained for.

Why shouldn’t you buy cheap epoxy resin?

resin ASTM certification

Reason 1: It’s unsafe

How do you know that? Because it doesn’t say anywhere on the label that it conforms to ASTM D-4236. Go check on some other stores. Especially that one that helps support some schmuck’s space cowboy adventures. You’ll have to look for a while to find one that has the ASTM designation.

Why is this important?

Because your resin could have mystery ingredients that can hurt you.

Getting this certification involves hiring third-party consultants and toxicologists to review your product. They make sure you’re producing something safe for artists and crafters to use. That costs $$$.

It’s hard to sell cheap epoxy resin when you pay for this certification.

Reason 2: It’s outlet mall quality

Ever wonder how items make it to the big outlet malls? They’re overstock of poor-selling items or lower quality merchandise made for outlet malls.

This happens with resin too. Resins are common in other industries, such as boats and flooring. It’s not unusual for these companies to sell their excess product to the arts and craft industry. You can put a pretty label on it, but it’s still an industrial product. It won’t make you a beautiful resin bracelet or preserve your art to its best. It may not even have inhibitors to guard against resin yellowing.

Reason 3: You’ll get little to no help

You thought the endless phone trees and heinous on-hold music were terrible. Wait until you get customer no-service from some of these companies selling that cheap epoxy resin.

[I know because a lot of these people come to Resin Obsession for help.]

Here are a few of my favorites:

overheated resin with bubbles

‘They make it look so easy. Like mix the stuff up and pour it. Now I’ve got a big paperweight full of bubbles, and I’ve ruined my grandmother’s funeral flowers.’

‘I mixed my resin a week ago, and it’s still gooey. I can’t get anyone at the company to help me.’

And my personal favorite:

‘The directions are in Chinese. I don’t EVEN know how to use this.’

What’s your alternative?

Well, I’d like to share with you why Resin Obsession would love the opportunity to help you with your resin project.

And we’re definitely not the cheapest epoxy resin.

resin beads

The Resin Obsession resins and colors have that important ASTM certification.

We’ve hired a third-party art materials safety firm headed by a board-certified toxicologist to review our products. They’ve also prepared our safety data sheets which contain all the precautionary information about our resins. (The cheapest epoxy resin options won’t have those either.)

And speaking of delivery, we ship the same day when you order by noon eastern time. Plus, orders of $75 or more delivering to US addresses ship for free. (and we don’t charge an overpriced yearly subscription fee for that, either)

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Professional quality

Resin Obsession isn’t some offshoot in a corporate corner office tasked with selling excess resin supplies. It’s all in our name. We’re obsessed with this. Our epoxy resin formulas are specifically developed for the arts and crafts market. We’ve got top-level additives to guard against yellowing. So whether you do this a time or two or turn epoxy art into your side hustle, you deserve the best. Not some company’s leftovers.

But wait, there’s more. (my favorite tagline on this list)

You get me and my 15 years of resin artist experience. I’ve written tons of articles–from resin tutorials to resin troubleshooting.

Not in ways that don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy BEFORE you create your project.

But in ways that prepare you for what you need to do so you can feel warm and fuzzy AFTER your project is done.

I want to be your Yoda, young resin padawan.

resin box made with clear epoxy

So maybe you’re still on the fence about using the cheapest epoxy resin you can find.

What would you say if I offered you a coupon when you buy resin from us?

Is the Pope Catholic?

You can get a Resin Obsession coupon here. (First-time customers only. Because once you order from us, you’ll get a new coupon code with every resin order. 🎉)

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Resin

And if you want to know more, join the Resin Obsession email list, and I’ll send you the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Resin.

Ready to jump into the world of resin but feel anxious about where to begin?

Learn the resin basics that will take you from confused to confident in an afternoon. Get your copy of the PDF ebook Resin Fundamentals.  You’ll get all the important details you need to know to make amazing resin crafts.  It’s the book I wish I had when I started with resin crafts.

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