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How to create holes in resin charms without drillingWhile I love making charms with resin, I don’t always like having to use my drill to get holes in resin.  If you’re anything like me and you’re looking for an easy way to avoid drilling through resin, then you are going to love the Resin Obsession toobies!

The toobies are small plastic tubes that can be cut and embedded into your resin jewelry molds that cast in place.  After demolding, you can string your toobies (the inner diameter fits up to a 20 gauge wire or cord) without needing to worry about drilling.

Here’s the easy way to use toobies so you can avoid drilling through resin:

Step 1:  Mark toobies to match your mold cavity

Resin Obsession toobies for resin jewelry making

Place a toobie across the top of your mold cavity.  Use a sharpie to mark where to cut it with sharp scissors.  Cut the section

Step 2:  Place into the mold

toobies in a silicone mold

Place toobie sections into your mold where you will want holes.  Make sure the ends are halfway up the walls of the mold.

Pro tip:  You will want to make sure your toobies fit snugly.  If they don’t ‘stick’ to the wall sides, then they aren’t long enough.

Place all your toobies into the mold before mixing your resin.


Step 3:  Mix and pour your resin

turquoise ocean colored resin


pouring resin into a scrabble silicone mold

Pour the resin into the mold in between the toobies so you don’t disturb them.

scrabble tile resin charm

You will want to fill the cavity to the top, then ever so carefully, add a few drops more.  The resin will shrink a bit as it cures, and you don’t want your charms to be underfilled.  Once all your cavities are filled, cover the mold and allow to cure for 24 hours.

Step 4:  Demold and clean up

demold resin from a silicone mold

Demold the resin charms by gently pulling the silicone away from the resin.

You may find on some of your charms that some resin seeped into the end of your toobie.  Fear not!

side drilled resin charm

If you find some resin seeped into the end of your toobie, you can use an unfolded paper clip and push it out from the open side.  (The inside of the toobie will also fit a piece of 20 gauge wire.)

sanding resin with a nail file

Use a coarse grit emory board to sand the edges off of the charms.  These edges weren’t sharp enough to cut skin, but were sharp enough that they could be a little uncomfortable to wear.  I swiped each edge a couple of times with the emory board to soften the edge.

Step 5:  String the charms together

string resin tiles into bracelet

String your charms together with stretchy bead cord.  (I used 0.5 mm diameter cord.)  I also included small, gold-colored glass beads in between each resin charm to give it visual interest and to hide the bead cord.

resin bracelet stretch cord

Tie the stretchy bead cord ends together in a square knot.  Trim away the excess cord.

Step 6:  Show off your resin bracelet!

resin bracelet

If you have extra resin charms, you can string them together to make a beautiful choker necklace as well.

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