Flowers in resin – resin coaster with flowers

resin coaster with flowersOne of the joys of living in Florida is having access to so many beautiful flowers in the Spring.  They grow wild, which is something I’m grateful for since I can’t grow anything.

resin supplies for flower coaster

Gather supplies

For this coaster, you are going to need:

Resin Obsession super clear resin
Mixing cups
Silicone resin coaster mold (I’m using a floral shape)
Stir stix
Safety gloves
Dried flowers

I’m not going into the specifics of how to prepare your flowers, but I have detailed instructions on how to dry flowers in the microwave for including them in resin.

adding hardener to resin

Mix the resin

Taking the measurements of my mold, I used the Resin Obsession resin calculator to decide I needed two ounces of mixed resin for this project.  Since the super clear resin mixes two parts A to one Part B, that meant I needed 40 milliliters of Part A and 20 milliliters of Part B.

If you have never mixed resin before, it can be a little tricky to make sure you get it thoroughly mixed.  This article explains how to mix resin and hardener.

adding first layer of resin to coaster mold

Pour the first resin layer

Add enough resin to fill the mold edge and barely cover the center.

adding flowers to resin

Place the flowers

Put your dried and sealed flowers into the resin.

add a second layer of resin

Fill up the mold

Finishing filling up the mold with the remaining resin.

arrange flowers in resin

Arrange the flowers

If you aren’t happy with the placement of your flowers, now is the time to move them.  Be careful not to introduce bubbles with your stir stix.

go over resin surface with a heat gun

Remove bubbles

Go over the surface of the resin with a heat gun to remove any bubbles.  Once they are gone, set the resin aside to cure.

demolding flower resin coaster


Once the resin is cured, demold the coaster from the mold.  Peel the silicone away from the mold while grabbing an edge.

flower resin coaster

Enjoy your new coaster!

I love how this flower coaster turned out.  It’s a very pretty way to keep the flowers of spring all year long.

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  1. How do you ensure the coaster comes out flat. I’m having trouble with the surface being uneven (lower in the centre) and my coasters are then unbalanced. I use the 3-part round silicone mould.

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