How to make domino pendants with resin

how to make domino pendantsAfter being somewhat disappointed with how the flowers turned out on the DIY resin iPhone case, I felt the need to try to redeem myself.  I wanted to recreate the same scenario as before but didn’t have another phone case to apply the resin to.  I visited the dollar store and was happy to find plastic dominos SUPER  cheap.  In this article, I’m going to use them to teach you how to make domino pendants.

Note:  I’m a bit fussy about the particulars when doing experiments.  I didn’t want to use a glue of any kind to keep the flowers in place.  I also wanted to see if there was some kind of reaction with the resin and the plastic, hence why I wanted a plastic platform for this project as well.

plastic dominoes

Step 1:  Dry the flowers

Once again, I dried the flowers in the microwave.  After they were completely dry, I placed them on the waxy side of freezer paper.  I lightly applied two layers of the resin gloss sealer spray before turning them over and coating them with another two layers.  Just to be over the top, completely sure fussy, I applied one more coat of the spray to each side before letting them go untouched for another six hours.

Note:  Do the spray in short, light bursts.  The force of the spray is enough to push the petals off the paper.

dried flowers on freezer paper

Step 2:  Mix and apply resin

After arranging the dominos on a non stick drying mat, I gently placed the flowers on top, but did not glue them to the dominoes.  I mixed 10 cc total of a clear doming resin and gently poured it on top of each of the dominoes.  I used my stir stix to help draw the resin to the edge.

Set aside to cure.

adding resin to a domino pendant

Step 3:  Evaluate how the flowers look

The resin cured and my flowers kept their color.  Awesome.  (Although one of them had a drip over the side.  You will see how I fix that in a minute.)

dried fresh flowers with resin as domino pendants

In case you missed last week’s post, you can see what the same flowers looked like under resin without the resin spray coating beforehand.  They turned different colors completely!

To finish these off, all I have to do is add some glue on bails to the back.

flowers treated with resin gloss sealer spray compared to untreated flowers both under resin

Step 4:  Fix the drips

What do you do if you have a little spillage?  Let your resin get to the soft cure stage, then peel it off with a pair of pliers.

peeling soft cured resin off a domino

What other questions do you have about how to make domino pendants?


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10 thoughts on “How to make domino pendants with resin

  1. Actually, I like the color the daisy turned on the phone case, but the violets are gorgeous on the dominos.
    I’d like to try this using my rectangle pendant mold.

  2. I’m going to try this this weekend. My 6 year old granddaughter is always picking me flowers. Now I know how to make the perfect pendant! Thanks Katherine!!

  3. Would regular acrylic spray sealer work? I have dried flowers and rose petals in silica gel but when I cast them in resin the rose petals get dark spots like unsealed paper will do.

    1. So I have to admit that I was surprised to look at these a year later. I stored them in a box shortly after the tutorial and forgot about the them. The yellow and white flowers look good, but the purple flowers have faded.

  4. This is fantastic. Came out so beautifully.
    I dried my first rose petals in the microwave and happy with the first attempt. Not 100% but I know what I did wrong. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Hi I recently bought resin and molds and my grandchildren and I are trying to make jewelry we added what we want it to the mold and the resin and it is been three days and it is not dried . should I have done something else.? How long does it normally take to dry?

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