Polishing resin knobs

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      So excited to share – my resin knobs had a cloudy surface. Inspired by a YT tutorial on polishing resin in which they showed some micro-abrasion product, I had the idea to make a paste of baking powder (soda works too) that I laid upon a magic eraser, put the knob in my drill then ran it back and forth across the eraser. It works! So pleased. Let me know if that works for you too. I used the eraser because I’m too chicken to use something thinner like a micro-fiber cloth.

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      The reason I thought of making a paste with baking powder (I would’ve used soda initially but I was out) is because I always use baking soda as an abrasive for environmentally friendly household cleaning (all household waste water goes into my weeping bed so I’m hyper-conscious of that). After so much frustration about cloudy surfaces, I just about jumped for joy to see how well baking soda/water paste works for polishing resin. And so cheap!

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