Casting resin charms

Casting resin charms

clay frame and tree

When I made the choice to fill my epoxy clay frame with resin I already knew I wanted it to be a lapel pin.  Once again, my kids toys are the inspiration for what I want to put inside the frame.

This Christmas tree was with the same group of charms as the hand from the handprint pendant tutorial.  Once again, I didn’t DARE to use something in a project that any one of my kids could ever want later.

But I did decide to mold it!

paper cup as a mold box

Since I knew it was likely that I only needed to cast this item once, I decided to use the Composimold reusable mold making material.

I cut the top off a paper drinking cup.

stick model to mold box

I stuck the model to the bottom of the cup with some double sided tape.

pour Composimold

I melted the Composimold and poured it into the mold box.  (And on a side note, I was dying to make a mold of the hand from the handprint tutorial too.)

Make sure to pour the Composimold at least 1/4 inch above your model.

pour resin into mold

I mixed some Resin Obsession super clear resin and Alumilite dye to make my Christmas tree.  For small space castings such as this,  pouring the resin onto a toothpick can help guide the resin into the cavity.  Before I was done, I sprinkled a little bit of Stampendous silver halo glitter mix on the surface.

demold resin

I demolded the resin casting like I demolded the original charm.

sawing resin

Since I didn’t want the loop at the top (it wouldn’t have fit anyway), I sawed it off with my jeweler’s saw.  If you don’t have a jeweler’s saw, you can sand it off with coarse grit sandpaper.  Whether you saw or sand, you will need to finish up with a fine grit sandpaper to make the end look smooth again.

two resin trees

To finish the project, I need to glue the tree to the inside of my frame.  I can’t decide, though, which side I like better.  Glitter or no glitter.

Which one do you like better?

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A couple things to consider after my experiences. I love glitter! My first inclination is the glitter side up. However, place the tree in the frame glitter side up and then look at the pairing in full sun. You MAY notice that the tree itself is camouflaged by the glitter in the tree and all the glitter in the background. I suspect if you do the same with the tree placed glitter side down in full sun, the tree will POP out from the glitter background. Also, with the tree glitter side down, you could glue some very tiny crystals on the tree to look like ornaments, adding a completely different level of sparkle to the plain tree that will really pop. I am dying to find out your final decision!!!!

Katherine Swift

We must share a brain! At first, I thought I would like the glitter side as well, but decided I liked the contrast of the plain side.


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