Gifts you can make with resin – even if you are a beginner

gifts you can make with resinHandmade gifts are always welcome, but gifts you can make yourself are even better!  Nothing says love and appreciation more than spending your time creating something you know your gift recipient won’t get anywhere!  Here are five inexpensive craft ideas that you can make with resin.

heart charms made with resin


1. Using found objects with resin in a mold is not only an easy way to make personalized jewelry, but the found part usually equals free. Things like buttons, stickers, metal charms, and more do great in jewelry.  Here’s where you can get even more resin pendant ideas.

geode coaster


2. Nothing says wow more than a set of coasters with a unique set of colors like in these geode resin coasters.  Get the geode style coaster mold to make this project (plus there is a video on that page showing how these were made!)

place photo on canvasArt

3. You captured that perfect photograph. How do you make it really pop? Finish it with a coat of resin! Once you calculate how much resin you need, the resin is easy!  Here’s how to resin a photo on canvas.

resin planter on deskFlower planter

4. Create a planter for your favorite succulent.  It’s the perfect size to fit on a desk or windowsill.  Here’s how you make them:  easy DIY resin planter

resin painting DIY Christmas ornamentsOrnaments

5. Are resin Christmas ornaments more fun to make or give? I’ll let you decide! Start with ornament blanks, then embellish them with resin. There won’t be any two alike! And this works for any holiday. All you need is a blank ornament to serve as your canvas.  Here’s how to DIY Christmas ornaments.

Which of these gifts you can make is your favorite?

Want more beginner resin help?  Then download your copy of Resin Fundamentals.  The book takes you from confused to confident to creating with resin – even if you have never worked with resin before!

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