Resin craft pendant – how to use glitter in resin jewelry


How to make resin pendants with glitterLearn how to make your own resin craft pendant with glitter to give it some extra pop!  One of the great things about using chunky glitter for resin is that it adds extra depth and sparkle!

Step 1:  Get a bezel blank and choose papers

resin jewelry supplies

Because I wanted a big pendant to include a lot of glitter, I’m using an extra-large round bezel blank.  Next, I grabbed some scrapbooking paper I had on hand and matched it up with some vintage flower images I had previously printed onto transparencies.  (The flower images were a royalty-free clip art.  I printed them in black and white onto a piece of white paper, then had my local copy store make a copy onto a clear transparency.)

scrapbook paper resin jewelry

For this pendant, I used a 1 1/2 inch template (I didn’t have a hole punch that size) to fit my 1 1/2 inch silver pendant.  I then cut the circle from the scrapbooking paper.

Step 2:  Seal with glue

glue paper in pendant for resin

You then need to glue the paper to the bottom of the pendant with a clear drying glue.  Apply a layer over top of the paper, being sure to seal the edges well.  Allow to fully dry before adding resin.

Step 3:  Mix and pour resin

Easy Cast resin pendants

Mix some Resin Obsession crystal doming resin and add a small amount to your pendant.  If you have never mixed resin before, you will want to read this:  How to mix resin and hardener in five easy steps.

adding glass glitter to resin

Sprinkle some glass glitter in your resin.  For this pendant, I used amethyst.

The reason I used glass glitter is that it is heavy enough to sink into the resin.

stampendous glass glitter

Glass glitter is also big enough that you can push it around with a toothpick.  If you don’t like where it is in your resin, simply push it around!

Cover your pendant with a plastic dome (to keep hair and dust off), then allow the pendant to partially cure (4 to 6 hours) or soft cure (24 hours) before going on to the next step.

Step 4:  Pour the second layer of resin

flower in resin

Mix another batch of the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin.  Carefully add more to the pendant bezel (you won’t need much) and remove bubbles as necessary.

Cut a flower image from the plastic transparency.  Coat it with a bit of resin in your mixing cup, then gently place it into the pendant.  Add a couple more drops of resin, if there is room, to make sure you get a good dome.

Cover and allow to cure as you did in the last step.

Enjoy your finished resin craft pendant!

glitter resin pendant

Hang your finished pendant on a colorful necklace and wear it proudly!

Want to make your own resin jewelry but confused about where to start?  It’s not your fault!  There is so much information out there, how can you possibly sort through it all?  That’s why I wrote Resin Jewelry Making.  It gives beginners a clear path on how to create amazing resin jewelry with fewer mistakes and less frustration.  It’s the book I wish I had when I started making resin jewelry!

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5 thoughts on “Resin craft pendant – how to use glitter in resin jewelry

  1. @Nicole,
    I’m not sure exactly how they’re made, but they don’t feel like glass. They won’t cut your finger.

  2. The glass glitter is actual glass and can cut if not careful. Always use with gloves, especially with any open wounds as it can embed itself and become infected.

  3. If i were to use this in a mold, would it sink to the mold surface and not be covered with resin so i would have to coat the area with another layer of resin after it has soft cured or cured?

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